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Oral Care & Health

Simple Vegan Yogurt Recipe

With just two ingredients, it's easy to make and super delicious! We love pairing it with fruit and granola or adding it to our smoothies.

Tips for Treating Dry Mouth

Many different things can contribute to dry mouth, but it's easy to treat with a few simple lifestyle changes.

Dr. Brite is Made in the USA with Love

Companies don't need approval from the Fair Trade Commission before making a Made in USA claim. As with most other a...

How to Choose the Right Toothpaste

Consumers today have so many natural toothpaste options to choose from it can be a bit overwhelming. That’s why we’ve...

Answers to Questions from New Natural Toothpaste and Mouthwash Users.

Unleash Your Curiosity about Natural Oral Care With Our Q&A Feature

Tips to Soothe & Restore Gum Pain and Mouth Sores

Natural ingredients can help calm gum and mouth irritation, but do you know which ingredients do this? Learn more about the holistic benefits of carefully chosen botanical ingredients and how they help soothe a sore mouth.

How to Get a Holiday Picture-Perfect Smile

Is your smile ready for the holidays? Before you start freaking out that it’s already December, the Dr. Brite team is here to help with our Teeth Whitening Pens!

Why SLS Free Toothpaste is the Best

    SLS is bad news. In fact, it’s not good to use in ANY of your personal care products. We refuse to put SLS in our...

How to Prevent Oral Cancer Naturally

What do you think of when you hear “Oral Cancer”? Oral cancer is often associated with cigarette smoking and excessi...

How to Stop Gum Pain Quickly

If you or someone you know suffers from the pain of gum disease, learn why incorporating oral care infused with vitamin C might be the answer to healthy gums.

Is Activated Charcoal Toothpaste Abrasive?

Two words: activated charcoal.Juice bars are telling you to drink it in your lemonade, facial care companies are telling you to slather it on your face, and oral care companies are telling you to brush your teeth with it... So what's all the buzz about? After gaining recognition in 1834 by an American Physician who used it to save a patient after they accidentally ingested mercury chloride, activated charcoal has made its way to the forefront of the modern health movement.It's been heavily sought after for its potent natural detoxifying and purifying properties, with uses ranging from preventing free radical damage, to filtering water, to preventing intestinal gas, AND even whitening teeth.But is activated charcoal abrasive to your enamel?
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