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Oral Healing Spray - Peppermint


So far so good! The kid likes the taste, and I like using a more natural solution.


I have been using the fresh mint toothpaste for about 3 weeks. The taste was different than regular toothpaste, but I got used to it. I have deep grooves in my molars and I have what the dentist called staining on one molar. I thought it was a cavity (which I've never had and I'm 35) because it looks like a back speck and line in my grooves. I asked the dentist how to treat it and he said it couldn't be and they'd watch it to make sure it doesn't turn into a cavity. About a week after using Dr. Brite I noticed the staining was much smaller. I wear a clear retainer at night. I put a small amount of toothpaste on the staining and put my retainer on over it. The next morning the staining was even less visible. It seems to be repairing my tooth. I won't go back to fluoride toothpaste.

Tooth Brush

I love these tooth brush heads. My teeth feel clean after brushing.


The Best Toothpaste Ever ❤️

Healthy Gums Mouthwash
Deborah Matthews
Tastes delicious, works well

5 stars- I’ve liked every product we’ve tried but I’d say this is my favorite mouthwash!

Pet Pure: Cleansing Wipes
Marie Lecoq-Gaddy
Yorker wipes

I love these wipes bc I can use one wipe to clean my dog. The other pet wipes aren’t natural and they are thin. All of your products are fantastic

My kids love it

The flavor is great, and it works well.

Sensitivity gone

It use to be painful brushing one side but that is no longer an issues. Teeth feel cleaner, especially when compared to using fluoride.

Superb effective dental product

I love the product and it can be applied in so many ways thanks.

Good and clean

Love these wipes. They do the job without extra smells. The wipes are soft but durable. Always have a full pack in my car and archery bag. Thanks for making a product i can count on

Love the smell & the way it feels.

This product is great! My mouth loves it and so do I!


Do not know what we would do without these!

Whitening Pen

So easy to use and it actually whitens your teeth quickly! I’ll be buying another one!

Terrific products

My son uses the strawberry sky toothpaste and mouth spray. He is 13 and has very healthy teeth and gums. He has never had a cavity. I would recommend Dr Brite products.

love it!

My 4 year old loves the chocolate toothpaste! Brushing his teeth with chocolate is a big incentive to getting him to brush his teeth and it's a mom win because I know it's good for him!

First time user

So far LOVING this product.

My little one actually wants to brush her teeth!

After the first try, my little one said "this is good!". She actually looks forward to brushing her teeth which is unbelievable! I feel extra good knowing that this Toothpaste is safe for her and effective! I can't see myself reverting back to commercial brands that are questionable.


I use the Eucalyptus Hand Sanitizer Spray to sanitize my shower floor…I have to have it; I follow this with another Disinfectant spray, hop in shower in 5 minutes, and feel secure in having a clean shower floor!!

awesome wipes

nice wipes. have used since the start of the pandemic when there were no more wipes left on earth. these were a godsend

Awesome wipes


Sonic Toothbrush - White
Katie Broadway
Where you’ve been all my life “bru-sh?”

So I just went to the dentist and they asked what I had been using because my teeth were the best he as ever seen from a patient! No plaque, guns were perfect and teeth were white than before!! I shared info about the toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwash that I have been using for the past 2 months! I hope these products don’t change because I am a lifetime customer! This company is AMAZING!


I was in love with this Toothpaste during the first try. I was very impressed with how fresh and amazing my mouth felt. My teeth were also whiter - after the first try. I just feel better using this Toothpaste for me and my family!

Smells So Clean

These are my favorite wipes for wiping off surfaces or cleaning my hands. And I love the smell of eucalyptus. Great for litter box area, door knobs, desk surface, and keyboard.

3 PACK - Citrus Hand Wipes