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Excellent mouthwash. I order this product all the time.

The packaging was changed to a pump that neither my 8 year old or myself can get to work. We have to remove the pump every time to get any toothpaste out. Horrible design. We love Dr. Brite, but unfortunately will be looking for a new toothpaste.

Very good product

I absolutely love these wipes! Love the scent, love the nice big
size of the wipes compared to using tiny alcohol prep pads. The only reasons for a less than 5 star review for me are how pricey they are and how long they take to arrive. I feel like I wait forever for the shipment to come in. I’m on a limited budget and don’t like money coming out of my account when I’m not expecting it so I don’t want to “subscribe.” I prefer to just buy them when I have the money rather than committing to every month or whatever. I just wish they’d charge a more reasonable price in the first place rather than forcing you to subscribe to get the better price.

Great ingredients. My baby loves the taste.

Worst customer service I have ever encountered. Placed my order mid May. 11 days later I had not received the shipping alert so I emailed to inquire about status. I was informed that they were upgrading to a new facility and that my order would be fulfilled soon. I explained that I would be moving in two weeks and that I would need to cancel my order if it wasn’t going to ship before then. Several days later I was told it would be fulfilled within 10 days and asked if I still wanted to cancel. I said yes because my move was 9 days away. I never heard back. I wrote several more emails requesting the order be canceled but each were ignored. On the day of my move I received an email saying that my order was going to be shipped out the next day. I wrote two more emails asking them to cancel the order and not to ship it. It arrived the day after I left my old house and left the state. And then I received an email saying they couldn’t cancel the order because it had already been processed.

1. They took forever to ship and deliver my product almost 1 1/5 month.
2. Instead of the bundle they gave me a huge toothpaste tube … thanks but I also wanted the mouthwash.
Won’t order from them again

My kids love it!

The formula has changed and this is so sticky on your hands. I used to love this product before reformulation. Please fix the sticky problem ASAP.

Love Dr Brite!

Good product, but shipping takes forever.

Use this every morning.

Gallon Unscented Hand Sanitizer

Has the formula changed? We have used this for over four years and it doesn’t seem to clean the countertop as well as it used to.

I never recieved my order.

My favorite mouthwash ever!

Received a trial size of the toothpaste and never received the mouth spray at all. Even after contacting support, it’s been almost a month and the issue has still not been resolved. Very much disappointed as I was so excited for my kids to try this product and support this company.

Love this… and as crazy as this sounds, it seems to help my eczema! Most other hand sanitizers are painful on my sensitive skin. This product has been a lifesaver.

Sensitivity Relief Soothing Mint Toothpaste

Excellent product really does help sensitive teeth so much better than fluoride toothpaste

I like that the kids love the taste and I love that it's not unhealthy

Great product. Have used since pandemic!

Doesn’t really do anything. Tastes good. Won’t reorder.

The price keeps getting higher, and the bottles got smaller... not to mention their new design has a squirt top that is not only unnecessary, but tough to use! There was no free shipping, even with a subscription... Dr.Brite, do better !

Awful. Doesn’t clean teeth and tastes terrible. My kids were gagging from the kids one.