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We Give Back

How We Give Back

Just like you, we care about giving back to the community. Throughout the year Dr. Brite donates 5% of our net profits in the form of product or cash donations to diligent non-profits. This includes large donations of our oral care products that are free of harmful ingredients and our award winning sanitizing and cleaning products to those in need.

In addition to donations, we also arrange paid volunteer days. We hire people who care about the community and we strive to honor their values.

Dr. Paris Sabo and Dr. Pooneh Ramezani, the founders of Dr. Brite, also dedicate time to grassroots educational programs that teach children and adults the importance of hygiene and being mindful of dangerous chemicals.

If you are interested in partnering with us please contact us at help@drbrite.com; we are always looking for more opportunities!

Some of the wonderful nonprofits groups we support (past and present):

Breast Cancer Fund

Breast Cancer Fund
Jamboree Housing Corporation
Breast Cancer Prevention Partners
Maryam Parman Foundation for Injured Children
Garden School Foundation
The Pegasus School