Meet The Doctors

Our Promise

Dr. Brite is a health and wellness brand that produces safe and effective solutions for the entire family and for generations to come. Our products are free of toxic chemicals, inflammatory agents, and hormone disruptors.

We strive for innovation in our formulas and promise to do it without animal testing or wasteful packaging. Each carefully selected ingredient is naturally derived, plant-based, and tested for purity.

When you bring Dr. Brite into your home, you ensure your family's peace of mind so you can live a clean, safe, and Brite life.

Our Story

It all started with a toddler, his toothpaste eating habit, and a long call with Poison Control...

Our story began when our co-founder and cancer surgeon Dr. Paris Sabo became alarmed by seeing increased cancer rates in her young healthy patients without any family history. 

This sent her on a mission to understand why this was happening. In her research she uncovered many cancer and inflammation causing toxins found in everyday personal care products. 

It became clear that there was a correlation between these personal care products and her patient's systemic health, but this didn't quite hit home for her until she saw her then 18 month old son, Logan, eating children’s toothpaste— which featured a Poison Control warning on the label.

That's when she decided she needed to do something. She called up her sister, co-founder Dr. Pooneh Ramezani, who is a dentist as well as a mom of two, and told her about her concerns.

Dr. Brite was born so that families everywhere can be cared for without the worry of harmful ingredients. 

Our mission is to make highly effective, great tasting, toxin-free products available to every household and improve the health and lives of everyone.