How to Choose the Right Toothpaste

Consumers today have so many natural toothpaste options to choose from it can be a bit overwhelming. That’s why we’ve created this convenient guide to help you understand what’s in your toothpaste and which one is the best for your oral and overall health.

What are the Best Natural Toothpaste Ingredients?

Dr. Brite's Whitening Mineral Toothpaste is formulated with the highest quality organic ingredients to improve your dental hygiene and overall health.

Toxic Toothpaste Ingredients 

Created by a doctor-mom duo, Dr. Brite toothpaste does not include any of the following toxins to ensure a healthy and happy mouth.

EWG Verified Toothpaste 

Dr. Brite’s toothpaste was the first of many Dr. Brite products to display the highly valued EWG Verified mark. This designation reflects our commitment to transparency and confirms that the oral care line meets EWG’s rigorous ingredient standards.

Cruelty-Free Oral Care 

Dr. Brite encourages consumers to live a more conscious way of life, so it’s important that we offer oral care products that are safe for people, animals and the environments. We sincerely support the adoption of alternative, cruelty-free methods of safety testing and are proud to be certified cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny.


1. Does expensive toothpaste work better?

The short answer is no. According to research conducted in Australia, 17 of the most popular kinds of toothpaste offered the same teeth-whitening effect, despite their differing prices. As a result, many dentists recommend investing in a quality toothbrush (see also toothbrushes for braces) in place of pricey toothpaste.

2. Which toothpaste kills the most bacteria?

A new study indicates that triclosan/copolymer toothpaste is more effective than fluoride toothpaste when it comes to eradicating germs from people's mouths. Approximately 800 to 1,000 species of bacteria are found in the human mouth.

3. Does it really matter what toothpaste I use?

Many different brands are available, each with various products that cater to individuals with different dental issues. The important thing is to brush your teeth frequently, regardless of what toothpaste you use. In the bathroom, toothpaste only serves as a decorative item if it is not frequently brushed. Therefore, choose what you want and ensure that you brush frequently.

4. Which is the best tooth gel in the world?

Among the many benefits of aloe Vera are its quality and flexibility, especially when it comes to dental care. With eternally brilliant, the best tooth gel on the market, your teeth will sparkle. With only the highest quality ingredients, eternally bright is designed to be used by the entire family.

5. Does charcoal really whiten teeth?

To remove surface stains on teeth, activated charcoal may be added to toothpaste. A few surface stains can be removed by charcoal, which is a moderately abrasive material. It does not appear to whiten a tooth or relieve stains located beneath the enamel, but there is no direct evidence it has such an effect.


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