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How to choose the right teeth whitening product?

Teeth whitening is the #1 requested dental procedure in the U.S.

It's no secret that everyone associates whiter teeth with better health, younger, more pleasant appearance and higher socio-economic status.

How do you determine which teeth whitening product is best to use?

There are 4 factors that you need to consider before purchasing a teeth whitening product:

  1. Age: As we get older the outer layer of our enamel tends to get thinner. You need to have sufficient enamel thickness for the whitening agents to be effective. Thin enamel also causes the 2nd layer of the tooth structure called dentin to show through. Usually the 2nd layer is much more yellow in color. This results in teeth appearing to be yellow and dull. Also, as we age, our teeth age as well. The stains normally are darker and deeper in the layers of the teeth if you are older than 30.
  2. Eating/drinking habits: The more colored foods and drinks you consume the tougher it is to brighten your teeth. Colored foods include anything that stains a white t-shirt such as berries, red sauce, ketchup, mustard, chocolate etc. Colored drinks include, coffee, black tea, colored soda, green juice, red wine etc.
  3. Tooth Sensitivity: If you have sharp pain when you drink cold or hot water, if your teeth are sensitive when you breathe cold air, if you can't stand ice cream, if you have whitened your teeth before and you have had severe pain and discomfort, then you may have some sort of pulpitis which is inflammation of the nerve of your tooth. This is not a normal thing and you should consider making an appointment with your dentist soon. Make sure to get products that are specifically made for sensitive teeth such as this one for teeth whitening.
  4. How fast you need results: If you have an event to go to and you don't have time to do a teeth whitening treatment that takes 2 weeks to complete, or if you are non-compliant meaning you just can't follow directions and won't use a product multiple times for several days in a row, etc. 

Which Dr. Brite Whitening Products Should I Use? 

Depending on your responses to the situations above, here are the best, most effective and safest Dr. Brite products to use:

teeth whitening for 30 years old and older

Older than 30: Dr. Brite whitening toothpaste and mouthwash used daily, Pro-kit (DUAL LED light teeth whitening tray), Brite & Fresh spray used daily.


Teeth Whitening for wine and coffee and tea

Consume colored foods/drinks: Dr. Brite whitening toothpaste and mouthwash used daily, pro kit or starter kit (depending on age and the amount of staining present), teeth whitening pen for coffee/tea drinker, teeth whitening pen for wine drinkers, Brite and Fresh spray used daily. 


teeth whitening without causing sensitivity

Teeth Sensitivity: Make sure you contact your dentist but the products that will be able to help are sensitivity relief toothpaste in coconut mint, sensitivity relief mouthwash coco chai, oral healing spray, Stay Brite™ non-peroxide teeth whitening pen, Brite and Fresh spray used daily.


Fast Teeth Whitening

How fast you need results:If you need immediate results: Whitening toothpaste and mouthwash daily, pro kit or the starter kit will give you results within minutes. If you have 7-14 days, use any of our whitening pens such as wine, coffee and the Get Brite™ pen. Please note that our wine and coffee pens are double the amount of the Get Brite™ (4oz) and are meant to remove the tougher, deeper stains. Use Brite and Fresh spray daily.

Always remember to rinse your mouth with water after consuming colored foods and drinks, also be patient. Teeth whitening treatment is very satisfying and will provide amazing benefits, but not everyone is the same and sometimes it takes time to lift years of staining.

Remember that at the end, it's all worth it.

To your health,

 Pooneh Ramezani, DDS