5 Best Teeth Whitening Kits

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When you decide it is time to seek out a method of teeth whitening, there are plenty of options available to you. From whitening strips to trays and professional procedures, it can be hard to decide which method will give you the best results without leaving you with damaged or sensitive teeth. 

Ateeth whitening kit will provide you with all of the whitening supplies you need, and choosing the right product will ensure that your teeth will remain strong after the whitening process. 

Regardless of which teeth whitening product you choose, it is always important to keep in mind that your results will vary depending on your eating and drinking habits as well as the extent of the stains on your teeth. 

More extreme stains will require more whitening treatments, or more intensive whitening treatments, in order to yield brighter results, whereas minor stains will not require as much effort. Additionally, avoiding foods and beverages for up to an hour after you use a whitening product can make a difference by giving the whitening concentrate more time to sink into your teeth.

Different whitening kits will include different products, so the kit that is best for you will depend on your specific needs and concerns regarding your teeth. 

If you are looking for a more thorough whitening regimen, you might choose a more complete kit, whereas a smaller kit may be better for people just starting out with teeth whitening or those who only have minor stains. If choosing a whitening kit out of the multitude of options available seems like a daunting task, we understand, and that is why we have compiled a list of the 5 best teeth whitening kits you can find. 

1. Dr. Brite Extreme Whitening Kit

TheDr. Brite Extreme Whitening Kit was formulated by a cosmetic dentist and a cancer surgeon, and it is designed to tackle tough stains on your teeth without causing any sensitivity and is one of our top selling kits.

The Professional Dual LED Light takes advantage of both blue light and red light to deliver some serious benefits:

  • Blue light work with hydrogen peroxide to enhance whitening
  • Red light supports gum rejuvenation and overall oral health 

Even more, this product does not have any harmful, harsh chemicals, and it is free of parabens, sulfates, and phthalates. 

This whitening kit includes: 

  • Extreme Whitening Tray with LED Light
  • x2 Extreme Whitening Oral Pen
  • x3 Extreme Whitening Refill Syringes
  • Extreme Whitening Toothpaste,
  • Extreme Whitening Mouthwash, 

This kit makes it easy try out different products and decide what you like the most, or use the products in combination. 

The includedWhitening Toothpaste is formulated with coconut oil, activated charcoal, and aloe vera so that you get optimal whitening power without risking the strength of your teeth. The kit also includes the classicWhitening Mouthwash, which incorporates ingredients like coconut oil, vitamin C, and sea salt to keep your gums healthy while helping brighten your teeth. 

That said, you can rest assured that this whitening kit is a healthy and safe way to remove stains from your teeth.

2. Crest Whitening Emulsions with LED Accelerator Light Whitening Kit 

The Crest Whitening Emulsions Whitening Kit that includes an LED accelerator light is a great option if you want a whitening kit with ultimate whitening power. The included tube of whitening emulsions differs from whitening toothpaste in that it leaves a thin layer of whitening concentrate on your teeth, and it may stay on your teeth up to 10x longer than many commercially available products. The LED light helps break down tough stains, and when used in combination with the whitening emulsions, your whitening results may be even better. 

A downside is that for the fastest results, it is recommended for you to use this whitening kit up to four times a day, which might not be realistic for someone with a busy schedule or daily routine. Additionally, you should take care to keep your skin from coming into contact with the whitening product itself, because it may cause irritation and even whitening of the skin. 

3. iSmile Teeth Whitening Kit

The iSmile Teeth Whitening Kit gives you results that may be visible even after the first usage. The whitening tray is designed for ultimate comfort, and the LED light has a built-in timer to let you know when to remove the product. Additionally, you only need to use the product once a day for ten minutes in order to get great results, making it highly convenient. 

That being said, this whitening kit is on the pricier side, and it only includes the whitening tray and light system. If you are looking for something that gives you your money’s worth and has a variety of whitening options, this is probably not the most ideal choice for you, even if it does have great results. 

4. Colgate Optic White Advanced LED Whitening Kit

If you are in search of a product that is enamel-safe and made to prevent teeth sensitivity after treatment, the Colgate Optic White Advanced LED Whitening Kit might be a good choice. It should be used once a day for ten minutes and can brighten your teeth up to 6 shades whiter. 

This kit includes the whitening device, a charging case, and a ten-day supply of whitening concentrate, which is great if you do not want to deal with the hassle of a battery-powered system. 

On the other hand, this kit does cost over $100 for only 10 days’ worth of product, which means if you do not have your desired results after those ten days, you will have to make another purchase for more whitening concentrate. 

5. Smile Direct Club Teeth Whitening Kit with LED Light

This Smile Direct Club Teeth Whitening Kit with LED Light provides you with a year’s supply of whitening concentrate, making it a great deal. Results from this whitening kit are meant to last up to 6 months after you use the whitening kit for one week straight. 

The LED light is also smartphone-powered, which makes it convenient for on the go whitening, but not quite as convenient if your phone is not an iPhone or Android, as these are the only compatible options. Additionally, using a light that is powered by your smartphone also means you will have to sacrifice some of your battery power in order to complete your teeth whitening, which may not be ideal. 

That said, this kit does have a lot of bang for your buck considering the fact that it gives you enough whitening product to last a whole year. On the flip side, though, this is not the best choice if you want to periodically touch up your whitening results.

Bottom Line

Whitening kits are a convenient and easy way to achieve brighter, whiter teeth with minimal effort. Plenty of teeth whitening kits are commercially available, but not all of them provide the same results or even include the same products. 

Many whitening kits provide you with a whitening tray and some form of whitening concentrate, and some will also include an LED light intended to be used in conjunction with the tray in order to speed up the results. That said, choosing a whitening kit that has a wider array of whitening products can ensure that you get great results, as well as products that will help you maintain those results for a longer period of time. 

These five whitening kits offer you several different options, with varying prices, whitening results, and lengths of treatment. 

If you want the best deal for all of the money you are spending, theDr. Brite Extreme Whitening Kit is easily the best choice. 

Because it includes a wide variety of products, you have the option to switch off between whitening routines, or to use the products in combination in order to maximize results or achieve great results in a shorter amount of time. 

Using the whitening tray and then following up with whitening toothpaste and mouthwash, for example, can help whiten your teeth even faster. Additionally, once you finish your whitening tray regimen, using whitening toothpaste in between tray treatments can help protect your new white smile, thus helping those results last even longer. 

Even more, because all of theDr. Brite whitening products are formulated to prevent sensitivity from occurring during or after your whitening treatments, you can continue to enjoy your favorite hot and cold foods or drinks without having to worry about painful, sensitive teeth regardless of which Dr. Brite whitening products you use each day. 


1. Are whitening kits bad for your teeth?

In general, tooth whitening kits are safe to use, says Scheier Dental Group's Dr. Greg Scheier. Both over-the-counter and dentist-administered whitening kits can cause temporary sensitivities in the teeth and gums.

2. How do teeth whitening kits work?

Teeth whitening kits usually contain a quick-acting formula and a bleaching tray. The formula is applied to the teeth and then the tray is worn for a short while. The tray creates a small amount of suction that pulls the formula into the pores and crevices on the teeth, and the formula whitens the teeth by chemically removing microscopic discolorations.  However, there is a risk for tooth sensitivity so it is best to consult a professional before making any purchase.

3. How long does it take for teeth whitening kits to work?

Teeth whitening kits typically contain a whitening gel and a whitening light or a whitening mouth tray or a whitening blue light. Due to the fact that your teeth are porous, the whitening gel is easily absorbed into the teeth and stains on it. The gum and the soft tissue hold the whitening gel and the hydrogen peroxide, this is why we use a whitening light or blue light to speed up and increase the penetration of the whitening gel into the teeth and the gums and the soft tissue. So the whitening effect may be visible within a few hours. If you use the whitening light or blue light, you may see some whitening effect within minutes!

4. What are the advantages of teeth whitening kits?

Teeth whitening kits are an effective way to whiten your teeth if you’re looking for a more affordable alternative to the cost of professional teeth whitening. Here are some of the advantages of teeth whitening kits that you can easily get over the counter at any drug store or online at the cheapest prices you can find. Teeth whitening kits are very easy to use. All you’ll need to do is apply the gel pack to your teeth, wait 10 to 30 minutes, depending on the whitening kit you’re using, and rinse. You can even apply the gel pack to your teeth while you’re watching your favorite TV show. Teeth whitening kits are available in different strengths of whitening gel, depending on how dark your teeth are to begin with.

5. Can you mix teeth whitening products?

Two professional teeth whitening systems should not be used simultaneously. Utilizing two different dental bleaching systems at the same time could result in less than ideal results since the solutions in each system could be different.