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Ultimate Guide on How to Sanitize a Toothbrush

Properly sanitizing your toothbrush can help keep your teeth and gums healthy by removing any germs that were left be...

How to Sanitize Your Face Mask After a Long Day Out

We're all doing our best to adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic, including wearing masks as often as possible when we’re o...

Is Isopropyl Alcohol the Same as Rubbing Alcohol?

We’re all much more aware of the ingredients in our stuff these days, and that’s a good thing! We’re also much more i...

How Does Hand Sanitizer Kill Bacteria?

Lots of people are using hand sanitizer much more than they used to in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is defini...

When Was Hand Sanitizer Invented? Facts About Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is one of the most important products of 2020, in large part because of the coronavirus pandemic. Lots...

How Much Alcohol Do You Really Need In Hand Sanitizer?

Tons of people are buying hand sanitizer where they wouldn’t have bothered before. But although this is a big boost t...

How Effective is Hand Sanitizer?

The COVID-19 pandemic initially led to a surge in hand sanitizer purchasing. People flocked to stores to grab all the...

Does Hand Sanitizer Expire? What You Should Know

We’re all (hopefully) using hand sanitizer every day as we try to stay clean and avoid spreading regular germs and CO...

Here’s Why Your Hand Sanitizer Stinks

The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly gotten more people to use hand sanitizer than ever before. But alongside that inc...

Is Your Sanitizer Toxic?

Most of us think that any form of hand sanitizer is always a good thing. Did you know that some sanitizers could have you calling poison control?
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