Keychain Sanitizers for Trick or Treaters | A Must-Have Protection to Keep At Hand

Hand sanitizers have become a routine health check practice, with the increased concern brought mainly by the onset of Covid-19.  Hand sanitizers have played a crucial role in fighting the virus and keeping our overall health in check. 

Hand sanitizers are a replacement for washing your hands with water and soap. This is an excellent practice as a sanitizer's ingredients kill pathogens and bacteria in your hands. However, running water is essential in some cases. Keychain Sanitizer by Dr Brite

Hand sanitizers are more efficient, especially with the introduction of keychain sanitizers. These hand sanitizers are portable and are best for trick or treaters. They have a ring attached to the container that allows it to be attached to your holder or chain wherever you go. 

It has proven effective to children who, in most cases, tend to forget to carry their hand sanitizers. 

What are the Types of Hand Sanitizers?

Hand sanitizers are categorized into two groups. These are alcoholic hand sanitizers and non-alcoholic hand sanitizers. 

The alcoholic sanitizer has alcohol content of up to 60% or higher. This is in the composure of propanol, ethanol, or isopropanol. You're, however, advised to use a hand sanitizer with a concentration of around 60%.

Alcohol-free hand sanitizers have disinfectants like benzalkonium chloride as their active ingredients. These disinfectants have a persistent effect on your skin. Hand sanitizers also include glycerin, which soothes your skin. Some brands also include fragrance in hand sanitizers. 

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What are Keychain Sanitizers

Keychain sanitizers are hand sanitizers with an attachment linked to their containers that allows you to attach them to your keychain, bag, or trouser. This is a great way to carry around your hand sanitizer. 

The benefits of keychain sanitizers are shown below.

  • Keychain sanitizers are portable: They come in convenient sizes with a holder that allows you to attach them to your backpack or keychain wherever you go. This ensures you don't forget your hand sanitizer when moving from one place to another. 
  • The keychain sanitizer has wide application: The holder on the keychain hand sanitizer is detachable, and you can use it to secure other essentials. You can also use the empty keychain sanitizer bottle to carry other essentials. 

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When should I use Keychain Sanitizers?

Chances are high; you will forget your hand sanitizer when leaving for a trip or your workplace. A keychain hand sanitizer comes in handy to allow you to move around with your sanitizer constantly. 

This keychain features a small and portable design that is convenient to carry along. You only need to clip it to your keys, backpack, or trouser, and you can move freely. 

There are many incidents that the keychain sanitizer proves to be an effective way to maintain cleanliness. Use your keychain sanitizer when:

  • Traveling

The majority of individuals tend to lose or misplace their staff while traveling. Carrying a long ordinary sanitizer may result in the same case. However, a keychain sanitizer is a secure way of traveling while keeping your health in check. Clip the sanitizer to your backpack or key, and you'll never misplace, forget, or lose your sanitizer. 

  • Have a keychain sanitizer for your children

Kids are prone to lose or forget things whenever they settle. Clip the keychain sanitizer to your kid’s backpack before they go to school. Also, ensure you teach them how to use the sanitizer effectively. 

Washing hands after visiting the washrooms at school is not enough. The chances are that the water may be insufficient in washing out germs and pathogens. To ensure effective and pathogen-free cleaning, consider using a keychain sanitizer for your kid.

  • Use a keychain sanitizer in your workplace.

The workplace may be another hub for germs and pathogens infestation. The shared tools and utilities at your workplace may expose you to germs and pathogens. To curb this, have an accessible keychain sanitizer at all times. Use the sanitizer every time you come in contact with a co-worker or whenever you touch a shared tool or facility. 

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What are the best Keychain Sanitizers for Trick or Treaters?

Treaters get in touch with a handful of people. This can expose them to a high risk of exposure to bacteria, pathogens, and even viruses. A  keychain sanitizer is essential. This allows them to sanitize their hands every time they meet new people. 

Some of the best keychain sanitizers are the citrus sanitizer keychain, eucalyptus sanitizer keychain, and unscented sanitizer keychain. An unscented sanitizer is an excellent option for individuals allergic to strong scents. These great keychain sanitizers are available in  Dr. Brite's collection.

The  citrus sanitizer keychain features a sleek and small design that fits into your pocket effortlessly. It also has a keychain holder that allows you to attach it to your keychain or backpack when moving around. 

Its ingredients are gluten-free and it is made from vegan materials for a natural effect. It doesn't incorporate toxic elements and is not sticky on your hand. Its scent is also pleasant to the nose and has oil ingredients that soothe the skin. 

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The Eucalyptus sanitizer keychain features a small pocket-size design convenient for carrying around. It is a 1.7 oZ pack sanitizer. It also has a holder that allows you to attach it to your backpack, trouser, or keychain. Its scent is refreshing and has vegan ingredients that are free from gluten. This keychain sanitizer is not sticky to your hands when applied and is toxin-free. 

The  unscented sanitizer keychain  is an excellent choice for individuals who are allergic to strong scents. This sanitizer has a holder for an external attachment. Its small size allows it to fit in your small backpack or pocket. 

Its primary ingredients are made from natural vegan elements with a toxic-free effect. The unscented sanitizer keychain is also not sticky when you apply it to your hands. It also has oil ingredients that soothe your skin. 

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Get your Keychain Sanitizer from Dr. Brite Today!

Dr. Brite has the best collection as far as keychain  sanitizers are concerned. They are the best keychain sanitizers with vegan and all-natural ingredients. These sanitizers are also toxic-free and include an oil ingredient to soothe your skin. 

The  citrus sanitizer keychain and the  Eucalyptus sanitizer keychain  in particular, are the scented keychain sanitizers for treaters. These sanitizers have a small size that can fit into your pocket easily. They also feature portable containers with holders for attachment on your backpack or keychain. 

An  unscented sanitizer keychain is an excellent option for treaters allergic to strong scents. This sanitizer is scent-free and has oil in its ingredients that soothe your hand. Its vegan ingredients make them natural and toxic-free for an all-natural effect. This is the perfect unscented sanitizer for treaters that offers value to your cash. A five-pack package of the unscented sanitizer keychain costs $22.99 but will only cost $16.09 if you  subscribe.

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Hand sanitizers have proven essential in our daily health concerns. Treaters have seen the increased need to always have a hand sanitizer around them. The introduction of keychain sanitizers has made this possible, thanks to incorporating holders and small-sized designs. Get the best keychain sanitizer deals worth your money and keep maintaining good health.


1. What are keychain sanitizers?

These are small dispensers that hold sanitizing wipes. They are used by people who are very conscious about cleanliness and hygiene. Keychain sanitizers are very popular among health care professionals, food handlers, and others who are required to maintain high levels of sanitation. Most of them are built into fobs or keychains to ensure that they are easy to keep around.

2. Do I have to use a keychain sanitizer every time I visit someone's house?

Most of the households have a pet, and many of those pets have a problem with going to the bathroom everywhere they please. The keychain sanitizers are great for wiping your hands clean of those dirty pet germs. In addition, you may want to check the keychain sanitizer for best for removing germs from phones or doorknobs at work or school. If you have young kids at home, a keychain sanitizer can be a handy tool to keep around for wiping your kids' hands after play time.

3. Can I also use keychain sanitizers for my laptop?

Yes, you can use Sanitizer for your Laptops. On certain occasions, you may have to take your Laptop with you to food places, public places where you should not take your Laptop. So to clean your Laptop outside of your home, you can carry the Sanitizer, spray it on your Laptop, scrub for a bit and wipe it off. This will keep your Laptop clean.

4. How does a keychain sanitizer work?

Keychain sanitizers come in a variety of shapes and forms. Most of them look like a small key-shaped bottle, squirt a few squirts of sanitizing solution on a key ring and allow it to dry. Some of them contain a small amount of bleach and work by oxidizing any germs. But generally these products use a mixture of ethanol and water and kill 99.9% of germs. 

5. What are the benefits of using a keychain sanitizer?

A keychain sanitizer is a small compartment that contains germ-killing gel. It's placed on one end of a keychain to allow users to sanitize their hands while out and about. Much like the anti-bacterial gel found in public restrooms, a keychain sanitizer can be used to kill germs and remove dirt and grime from the hands. This is a good way to keep hands clean and free of harmful bacteria, particularly if hand sanitization stations aren't available in the immediate area.