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Small dog likes it

This is the first toothpaste my dog has ever let me used on her teeth. She is a bichon frise. She actually likes the taste. The small bristle head makes it easy to use on her small teeth. Will buy again when it runs out. So happy to finally be able to brush my dog's teeth.


After trying many things for my small dogs this is it! So many pet dental sprays gels etc contain peppermint. Dogs DO NOT like peppermint! None in this and they love it. Sweetened with stevia and contains natural ingredients they don't mind me rubbing the soft little brush end on their teeth. If I had found this years ago it would have saved me hundreds of $ on cleanings and lots of pulled teeth. It is so easy and convenient to click and apply. Gonna stock up on this one

Pet Pure: Teeth & Gum Cleaning Pen
Pet Pure: Teeth & Gum Cleaning Pen

Pet Pure: Teeth & Gum Cleaning Pen

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Our pets deserve healthy mouths just like us. Pet Pure's Teeth & Gum Cleaning Pen for cats and dogs helps remove plaque buildup and can treat irritated or swollen gums. Our easy-to-use and effective twist-up pens will make taking care of your pet's oral health a breeze using natural ingredients.

🐰 Cruelty Free
🌾 Gluten Free
🧪 Paraben Free
🧫 Non-GMO
🌀 Phthalate Free
✨ Sulfate Free


  1. Remove cap. Twist base to release a small amount of gel onto brush tip.
  2. Gently expose pets guns & teeth using one hand.
  3. In a circular motion, massage gel into teeth & gums for 2min.
  4. Wash brush tip with lukewarm water and close cap to prevent gel from drying out.
  5. Do not feed or give water to your pet for at least 30min after application. 


purified water, organic glycerin*, cellulose gum, calcium ascorbate (non-acidic vitamin c)**, bioflavonoids (non-gmo grapefruit seed extract), grapeseed extract, petroselinum (parsley seed oil), organic propolis*, organic coconut oil*, organic stevia*
*certified organic, 100% human-grade ingredients **non-gmo