About Us: Our Story

Healthy Smile Care for Everyone

Dr. Brite is a line of natural oral care products that heals, nourishes, and nurtures smiles of all sizes.

Our story began when co-founder and breast cancer surgeon, Dr. Paris Sabo, MD, had a toddler with a toothpaste-eating habit.

After realizing the toxic chemicals her son was ingesting and seeing warning labels to call Poison Control, Dr. Sabo teamed up with her sister, fellow mom and veteran dentist, Dr. Pooneh Ramezani, DDS to create a solution.

From this collaboration, Dr. Brite was born so that smiles everywhere can be cared for without the worry of harmful ingredients.

We believe our mission to improve the lives and health of everyone starts with one smile at a time.

Dr. Brite only uses the power of effective, plant-based ingredients to help you shine brite and healthy. That’s why you’ll never find toxins, synthetic ingredients, artificial colors, sweeteners, or colors in our formulas.

A Fusion of Science and Nature

So, how do we do it?

Dr. Sabo and Dr. Ramezani fused their years of medical knowledge with the latest in natural ingredient research to help craft Dr. Brite’s safe, effective, and ultimately tasty oral care formulas.

With Dr. Brite, you can confidently tackle your day with just a smile. Whether you’re brushing your teeth or whitening you smile, you are being cared for in a truly nourishing, natural, and healthy experience.

Our Commitment to You

We promise to care for your smile by creating natural oral care products formulated with sustainable and effective plant-based ingredients that are safe to swallow so you don’t have to call Poison Control.

All Dr. Brite products are created in small batches at our sunny and eco-friendly Southern California office in Irvine to capture their peak efficacy. We source our natural ingredients sustainably within the U.S., with the exception of neem oil (this is a native plant sourced from India) and every product is packaged with care.

Every Dr. Brite purchase gives back too. Each year we donate 5% of our revenue in the form of products or cash donations to local nonprofits to help our community thrive.

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