Holiday Gift Ideas in 2023

The holiday season for 2022 is coming up fast, and that means it’s time to do our yearly scramble for gifts and gift ideas for our friends and family – that is, unless you’re one of those rare gifted people who’s already on top of things and has all the gifts already wrapped and hidden away in the closet. 

But, if you’re like the rest of us, you’ve probably just begun thinking of holiday gift ideas and don’t know where to start. 

In our opinion, the best holiday gifts are those that are relevant to what a person needs and actually uses. At the same time, you don’t just want to get your friends and family gifts you could have just snagged from the gas station on the way to the holiday party. You need stuff with flare, stuff with fun, and stuff that shows you care!

Let’s take a look at some of the best holiday gift ideas in 2022 – we think these selections fromDr. Brite are top choices for just about everyone!

Face Masks

Anyone who’s being a responsible citizen has aface mask already, but far too many people are still using subpar, scratchy, or otherwise uncomfortable masks that are more of a hassle to wear than anything. 

What if you got your friend or family member a comfortable facemask that they could wear over the long-term until the COVID-19 pandemic finally burns out?

Dr. Brite has your back. Our4-Pack of face masks includes a selection of comfortable non-medical face masks that are infinitely more comfortable than the standard disposable stuff that your friends and family might be using.



That’s partially because each mask is designed with three layers in total. The first layer is made of UV-resistant and anti-droplet material. In other words, this prevents your face from getting sunburnt, and does an excellent job of stopping water droplets from your breath (or the breath of others) from spreading around.

The second layer is a particle filter that bolsters the mask’s effectiveness as it protects you and other people from spreading the coronavirus and other diseases. 

Finally, the innermost third layer is cool and sweat absorbent: an ideal combination for those who need to wear masks all day for their work.

Themask pack comes in four distinct colors and patterns, and at least one of them should fit your friend’s aesthetics or personal tastes! They’re machine-washable, too!

Custom Sanitizer

Let’s face it – 2022 has been one of the toughest years in the last few decades. But if you’ve made it to the holiday season with your sanity intact, you deserve a reward, and so does anyone you’re getting a gift for!

We have the perfect idea: ourI Survived 2022 Hand Sanitizer, Dr. Brite’s classic premium U.S. hand sanitizer bottle that says, "I Survived 2022" on the bottle. What better way to make sure that we're all being safe and continuing todisinfect our hands while poking a little fun at the situation? 

This custom sanitizer is made with only organic ingredients – in fact, it’s the same Dr. Britenon-toxic hand sanitizer that you can get normally. It’s just made into a perfect gift thanks to the funny bottle.



The sanitizer is made 100% in the USA and it’s always in stock, so you’ll never have to worry about our supply running out as the holidays get a little closer. Even better, the hand sanitizer has aloe vera as a moisturizing agent – this will ensure that your giftee’s hands never become too dry or irritated when they use the sanitizer to keep things clean.

We also have additional versions of custom sanitizer bottles, including bottles for nurses. Check out our selection and choose the custom 2022 hand sanitizer that’s perfect for your friend or family member. We guarantee they’ll get a kick out of the gift – it’s both practical and personal!

Teeth Whitening Kit

Lots of people feel a little self-conscious about their smile around the holidays.

You can help them feel a little better by getting themDr. Brite’s Extreme Whitening Kit (and you could even gift it early!). 

This kit has everything a person could need to totally reinvent their smile and supercharge their grin. It’s an ideal choice for anyone who wants to win the Christmas card contest this year, or who wants to show up at the holiday family meal with a totally new look.

The kit includes:

  • A special type of whitening mouthwash
  • Whitening toothpaste
  • A pre-filled whitening tray with LED lights
  • A normal pre-filled whitening tray
  • Whitening syringes
  • Whitening pens
  • Vitamin E swabs
  • Whitening shade guide

Best of all, nothing in this kit is toxic and it won’t cause microtubules (small pores that can lead to tooth sensitivity) to form in your teeth. Because of this, it’s another great choice for those who have sensitive teeth or who’ve been disappointed by bleaching whitening products in the past.

To make things better, this super whitening kit is on a super sale. Consider grabbing it soon to get it half off!

Castile Soap

Soap for the holidays? Will anyone really like that? We think so!

That’s because this isn't just any old soap: it'scastile soap

Castile soap is a special soap type that's made withgentle vegetable oils instead of other types of synthetic chemicals. It's also made of pure and organic ingredients, meaning it's one of the most eco-friendly and effective cleaning solutions on the market. 



It’s also super versatile – you can use it not only for dishes and as laundry detergent, but also as a shampoo, body soap, or even face wash. Thecastile soap from Dr. Brite is so gentle and non-toxic you can even use it to clean your vegetables when diluted properly!

Feel free to use it for your kids or your pets, too – it won’t cause a sudden allergic reaction or toxic side effects if a little bit is accidentally swallowed. Plus, this soap comes with a wonderful citrus fragrance that can make any home or body feel and smell super clean. Consider this gift for any of your friends or family who love to clean to relieve stress.

Dr. Brite Gift Card

None of these gifts quite hitting the mark? That’s okay – you can also get a friend that might be pickier agift card for Dr. Brite’s quality selection of cleaning and tooth care supplies. The gift card is good for any product in the online store, and each gift card is delivered by mail – this means you don’t have to worry about accidentally losing the gift card on your way to the family Christmas party.

Instead, you just supply us with the email address you want the digital gift card delivered to, and we’ll automatically send it on the day of your choosing. Plus, there’s no additional processing fee with the gift card, and they come in several different denominations!

This also makes a great Secret Santa gift for your coworkers when you don’t know exactly what they like.


1. What holidays require gifts?

On Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, the Fourth of July, and Halloween, it is customary to exchange tokens of affection. Christmas or another December holiday — This is a significant occasion that requires considerable preparation in terms of both money and time.

2. What do you give for Christmas?

When you are buying a gift for someone, the most important thing is to get what they really want. You can get a gift certificate or gift card to their favorite store. If you are buying a gift for someone that you know well, it is probably best to get them something they want. If you are buying a gift for someone that might be hard to shop for like your boss or teacher, it may be best to get them something they need.

3. What are the best gifts for holidays?

If you want to give a great gift, you need to think about the recipient’s personality and interests. A nice watch, a stylish tie or a unique piece of art may be a great gift for some people. It’s best if you know the taste and preferences of the person you’re buying a gift for.


Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide what the perfect holiday gifts are for your friends and family in 2022. But,Dr. Brite has a ton of useful products for people of all different tastes, needs, and preferences!

If none of the above gifts have really caught your eye, take some time tobrowse our shop – it’s expansive, but not too large, and everything is categorized for your convenience.

Let us know if we can help and if there’s any way we can make your 2022 holidays a little merrier!