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Any dog owner eventually has to reckon with an inevitable chore: cleaning their dog’s teeth. But although most dogs t...

How Much to Spend on Wedding Gifts: Good Gift-Giving Etiquette

Weddings are tons of fun and are occasions to show one another how much you care, plus a chance to throw a great part...

Can You Use Antibacterial Wipes on Dogs?

If you own a dog, you know that dog hair will inevitably get all over your house. This might leave you wondering what...

How Long Does It Take to Whiten Teeth?

Many of us want whiter teeth. Even if we brush and floss every day, it can feel impossible to maintain a pearly white...

How Effective is Hand Sanitizer?

The COVID-19 pandemic initially led to a surge in hand sanitizer purchasing. People flocked to stores to grab all the...

Do Scented Wipes Disinfect, Too?

These days, pretty much everybody is using disinfecting wipes. In the age of COVID, many of us are using them dozens ...

When Should I Be Concerned About My Dog’s Teeth?

If your dog has bad breath, it can be tough to tell if anything is actually wrong. After all, it’s normal for dogs to...

What is Castile Soap? Top Uses and Benefits

  Soap is a necessary essential for everyday life. We use it for cleaning the dishes, doing the laundry, washing our ...

Teeth Sensitive After Whitening? Tips to Calm Sensitive Nerves

Everyone loves a bright, white smile. But sometimes, we go overboard and use harsh teeth whitening products in order ...

Does Hand Sanitizer Expire? What You Should Know

We’re all (hopefully) using hand sanitizer every day as we try to stay clean and avoid spreading regular germs and CO...

Where to Buy Surface Wipes

Disinfecting our homes is more than just a side task these days – it’s a critical necessity, especially as the econom...

Here’s Why Your Hand Sanitizer Stinks

The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly gotten more people to use hand sanitizer than ever before. But alongside that inc...

Holiday Gift Ideas in 2020

The holiday season for 2020 is coming up fast, and that means it’s time to do our yearly scramble for gifts and gift ...

How To (Properly) Wash Your Hands 🧼

A study conducted by USDA found consumers fail to correctly wash their hands 97% of the time, with the most common mistake being not washing hands long enough.

Is Your Sanitizer Toxic?

Most of us think that any form of hand sanitizer is always a good thing. Did you know that some sanitizers could have you calling poison control?

What's In Your Wipes?

We break down what chemicals to stay away from when choosing a surface cleaner or wipe to protect you and your family.

Tips & Tricks to a Whiter Smile ⏰

How to effectively whiten your teeth in less than 1 hour!

SULFATE-FREE Foaming Toothpaste 🌀

Witness the first ever SLS-FREE toothpaste created by Dr. Brite.

What causes teeth sensitivity and how you can help get rid of it:

What are the causes of teeth sensitivity? A tooth is composed of three layers. The outer layer called the enamel hel...

Everything you need to know about mouthwash:

As a U.S. trained dentist, all I was taught in dental school is that mouthwash is a great adjunct to toothpaste to he...

Do I need a foaming toothpaste? The side effects of SLS

What is a low foaming toothpaste and why is it good for me? Since childhood we’ve been associating “clean” with foam....

How to choose the right teeth whitening product?

Teeth whitening is the #1 requested dental procedure in the U.S. It's no secret that everyone associates whiter teet...

An eating plan and a guide for a healthier smile

With social media and influencers changing the way we get our information, we are bombarded daily with posts about tr...

4 Main Causes of Bad Breath (and how to get rid of halitosis!)

The truth about bad breath Bad breath or halitosis is a condition that no one wants to talk about but may come after ...

Xylitol in Toothpaste

What is xylitol you may ask and what is all the hype? According to a 2017 article by California Dental Association, x...

Does fluoride help with cavity protection?

Do I need fluoride in my toothpaste?  One of the hottest topics in oral care for the past few years is fluoride and i...

How to get rid of & prevent cavities naturally

What is a cavity? A cavity is a hole in the teeth that can get bigger and deeper over time. It is also called dental ...

The Social and Professional Benefits of Whiter Teeth

Study Shows Whiter Teeth and Healthier Smiles Can Lead to More Success in Love and Work! Studies show whiter teeth a...

Top 4 ingredients to avoid in your daily toothpaste

Have you ever read the label of your toothpaste to see its ingredients? If you are a Dr. Brite customer, you’ve more ...

Best Whitening Toothpaste

What to look for in a whitening toothpaste  As a dentist I regularly get asked what is the BEST whitening toothpaste ...

How to minimize cavities in your child's mouth from breastfeeding

NOTE: I totally believe in breastfeeding. This article is meant to help moms minimize the chance of their children ex...

Causes, Treatments, and Remedies for Sensitive Teeth & Gums

In my dental practice not a day goes by without patients asking me, "What causes sensitive teeth?" and “Which toothpa...

What Makes the Best Home Teeth Whitening Kit?

Best At Home Teeth Whitening Products: When it comes to home teeth whitening, you need products that are safe, effect...

Is it safe to use charcoal toothpaste?

I often get asked if charcoal is safe to use in a toothpaste. Common questions I get are "Is charcoal bad for teeth?"...

Is Fluoride Toothpaste Dangerous?

As a dentist I get this question a lot. I went to University of the Pacific in San Francisco, CA which is one of the ...

Why is Triclosan Still in Some Toothpaste? Not Ours!

Last week the FDA effectively banned the antibacterial chemical triclosan from soaps, but you can still find it in toothpaste.

Signs of a Dead Tooth

Did you know your teeth are actually living? This also means they can die. Here are the causes, symptoms and treatment options for a dead tooth.

How to Get a Holiday Picture-Perfect Smile

Is your smile ready for the holidays? Before you start freaking out that it’s already December, the Dr. Brite team is here to help with our Teeth Whitening Pens!

Tips to Soothe & Restore Gum Pain and Mouth Sores

Natural ingredients can help calm gum and mouth irritation, but do you know which ingredients do this? Learn more about the holistic benefits of carefully chosen botanical ingredients and how they help soothe a sore mouth.

Answers to Questions from New Natural Toothpaste and Mouthwash Users.

Unleash Your Curiosity about Natural Oral Care With Our Q&A Feature

How to Choose the Right Toothpaste

Consumers today have so many natural toothpaste options to choose from it can be a bit overwhelming. That’s why we’ve...

Dr. Brite is Made in the USA with Love

Companies don't need approval from the Fair Trade Commission before making a Made in USA claim. As with most other a...

Tips for Treating Dry Mouth

Many different things can contribute to dry mouth, but it's easy to treat with a few simple lifestyle changes.

Simple Vegan Yogurt Recipe

With just two ingredients, it's easy to make and super delicious! We love pairing it with fruit and granola or adding it to our smoothies.

Why SLS Free Toothpaste is the Best

    SLS is bad news. In fact, it’s not good to use in ANY of your personal care products. We refuse to put SLS in our...

How to Prevent Oral Cancer Naturally

What do you think of when you hear “Oral Cancer”? Oral cancer is often associated with cigarette smoking and excessi...

How to Stop Gum Pain Quickly

If you or someone you know suffers from the pain of gum disease, learn why incorporating oral care infused with vitamin C might be the answer to healthy gums.

Is Activated Charcoal Toothpaste Abrasive?

Two words: activated charcoal.Juice bars are telling you to drink it in your lemonade, facial care companies are telling you to slather it on your face, and oral care companies are telling you to brush your teeth with it... So what's all the buzz about? After gaining recognition in 1834 by an American Physician who used it to save a patient after they accidentally ingested mercury chloride, activated charcoal has made its way to the forefront of the modern health movement.It's been heavily sought after for its potent natural detoxifying and purifying properties, with uses ranging from preventing free radical damage, to filtering water, to preventing intestinal gas, AND even whitening teeth.But is activated charcoal abrasive to your enamel?

How to Treat Pregnancy Gingivitis More Naturally

Gum disease is more common in pregnant women due to hormonal changes that make them extra sensitive to the bacteria in plaque. But don't worry, we've got 5 ways to more naturally treat and prevent pregnancy gingivitis.

Read This Before You Brush With Activated Charcoal

Use pure activated charcoal if your oral goals include: A stained tongue and damaged teeth enamel,  Put down the DIY charcoal tooth powder and read why it isn't the best idea to brush with activated charcoal alone.

Identify, Treat & Reverse Gum Disease At Home With Vitamin C

Important nutrients like vitamin C are crucial for those looking to naturally improve and restore their gum health. Discover how Vitamin C is a botanical, natural ingredient that can help with bleeding gums, receding gums and diseased gums when included in your toothpaste and mouthwash.

How to Safely Whiten Your Teeth With Activated Charcoal

Yes, activated charcoal can help whiten teeth, but did you know dark black activated charcoal can actually tattoo gums an unsightly dark color?  How do you harness the power of activated charcoal without the staining side-effects? 

How Tea Tree Oil Helps Ease Gum & Tooth Pain

Sometimes called Melaleuca oil, learn more about the origins of this powerful ingredient and why it's fantastic for improving and maintaining your oral health.

Drinkable Mouthwash is a Thing!

You can swallow mouthwash. Did you know that? Well, not any mouthwash. Only our mouthwash. Find out why so you can impress your friends with the 10 plant-based ingredients and the healthy dose of vitamin C in Dr. Brites mouthwash.

Get Brite & Stay Brite: The Teeth Whitening Set 101

Coffee. Wine. Chocolate.Your tooth enamel's worst nightmare.With our Get Brite™ & Stay Brite™ Teeth Whitening Set now you can have that chocolate cake - and eat it, too!You no longer have to worry about sacrificing that evening glass of red wine or morning cup 'o joe for the sake of your smile. 

Your New Hygiene BFF: The Rejuvenate Sonic Toothbrush

We’ve all been there. It’s 6 am, the alarm clock rings. You snooze twice and with a sigh and a stretch, you slowly start to roll out of bed.Your feet hit the floor, and you shuffle into the kitchen to start that cup of coffee before heading into the bathroom to begin that begrudging morning routine. It doesn’t have to be this way. Imagine waking up every morning excited to brush your teeth... 

What You Need to Know About Pregnancy Gingivitis

There’s a superstition that says when you gain a child, you will lose a tooth. Thankfully, this isn’t entirely true. What is true, however, is that pregnancy gingivitis is a common condition that can affect pregnant women and if left untreated, could lead to severe forms of gum disease or even tooth loss.

Triclosan May Now Promote Colon Cancer

Triclosan, now banned in hand soaps, is still found in toothpastes and new research says it can wreak havoc to the colon.

Why the Rejuvenate Sonic Toothbrush the Best Electric Toothbrush of 2018

Between multiple options for sonic toothbrushes, electric spin toothbrushes and manual toothbrushes, it can be hard to choose what’s exactly right for you. That’s where we come in to help.

3 Easy Ways to Use Fresh Mint in Summertime Cooking

Not only is mint incredibly refreshing in our toothpaste and mouthwash, fresh mint leaves can add a unique taste to vegan cooking and drink recipes. Learn how easy it is to add fresh mint in your summer recipes!

The Science Behind Our Oral Care with Natural Ingredients

Ever wonder how your mouth, teeth and gums can stay clean, bright and healthy with toothpaste and oral care made with natural ingredients?

Eco-Friendly Ways to Help the Planet on Earth Day

Most likely, you’re already doing your part in preserving our planet! But how can you make a bigger difference in protecting the environment?

Trust and Try New Dr. Brite Products

We’ve got a new look and with new packaging, you might have a few questions about fluoride-free toothpaste and oral care. Team Dr. Brite is here to assure you that while we now have colorful and new designs, our commitment to you still stands the same. 

Have You Seen the New Dr. Brite Products?

We’re adding a splash of color to your bathroom countertops with new, vibrant oral care designs along with fresh and tasty flavors!

How Often Should I Whiten My Teeth?

We often get asked how often teeth should be whitened. Learn the answer and more about easy, teeth whitening that won't cause sensitivity. 

How a Synergy of Natural Ingredients Helps Your Smile

What’s more important than natural ingredients? How these ingredients interact with each other to help provide effective and gentle results. Learn more about our synergistically blended oral care formulas.

Read This Before You Stop Using Fluoride

Dr. Brite is here to share that it is completely okay to use a toothpaste that’s fluoride-free. With the proper brushing technique and regular visits to the dentist, you can still prevent cavities without using a fluoride toothpaste twice a day.

Dr. Brite & The Gentle Barn — A Force for Animal Welfare

This month Dr. Brite became a financial sponsor of The Gentle Barn, a non-profit sanctuary for animals that started in Santa Clarita, California and now has locations near St. Louis, Missouri and Knoxville, Tennessee.  Learn more about this wonderful organization and why we wanted to help them, and encourage you to as well.

Spring Forward to a Better You with a Happier Smile

Spring is officially here and with the arrival of the season, learn why a Dr. Brite purchase is an action to spring forward good.

DIY Benefits Without the DIY Waste, Mess, Hassle or Time

Creating something from scratch is pretty fun and rewarding.When it comes to oral care, however, we think can all agree that your mouth is not an area to skimp out on in order to achieve an effective clean, whiter teeth, and the freshest breath.

What gives Dr. Brite toothpaste and mouthwash an “it” factor?

The "It" that whitens teeth, freshens breath and promotes gum and teeth health more naturally: Activated Coconut Charcoal Proprietary Coconut Oil & Neem Oil Blend Aloe Vera Juice & Vitamin C Organic Flavors & Organic Sweeteners Harmonious Balance of Botanical Ingredients

Dr. Brite’s Journey at Natural Products Expo West 2018

We're recapping Dr. Brite's whirlwind of a time at Natural Products Expo West 2018. Our weekend was filled with debuting new oral care designs, winning New Hope's Pitch-Slam competition, and attending Climate Day organized by Climate Collaborative.

Dr. Brite wins Natural Products Expo 2018 Pitch Slam!

The Dr. Brite Team won the Natural Products Expo West 2018 Pitch Slam!  We were selected as the winners by a board of who’s who in the natural products industry (executives from organizations like Annie’s, Sonoma Foods, Foodstirs, and more), after being selected as finalists by industry peers in combination with the judges.  

What Are You Looking For in Natural Oral Care?

We're addressing any deep down hesitations that can occur when mentioning a natural oral care routine. We’ve been in your very same shoes, and we’re here to help guide you.

Is the Coconut Oil Craze Worth It? Popular Uses + History

Coconut oil is truly a wonder ingredient that heals, protects, and nourishes the body in so many ways. In this blog article, we’re going to discuss how this ingredient exploded in popularity.

2018: The Year Activated Charcoal Goes Mainstream?

Everywhere you turn there’s a new product that includes charcoal powder, typically labeled as natural activated charcoal. Whether it’s in a teeth whitening product, or even pizza, frozen yogurt, lemonade, or face masks, activated charcoal is growing in popularity. Learn more about this detoxifying ingredient. 

Why Mint, Spearmint & Peppermint Makes a Mouth Feel Fresh?

Mint, spearmint and peppermint gives us the refreshing, cooling taste and feeling that we want with our oral care products. Is this because of "special powers" from this wonder plant or a result of ancient conditioning of our perception?

What Is Neem Oil? Learn Uses + Why We Recommend Neem Oil

If you haven’t heard about neem oil, you’re in luck! This ancient healing oil known for its powerful antibacterial properties can be found in hair care, body care products, oral care, and it’s even known to work as a safe and natural pesticide.

What You Need to Know About Tea Tree Oil, It's Common Uses, and How We Use It

Whether you’re new to essential oils or you’re a holistic wellness veteran, knowing what tea tree oil is, how you can use tea tree oil in your life, and how you can benefit from it is important information to know.

5 New Year Resolutions for Healthy Well-Being in 2018

If achieving a healthier lifestyle is one of your New Year’s resolutions, we have a few tips to help you out. Check out our top 5 tips to get you on a healthy track in 2018! And you won’t want to miss out on an exclusive offer to help you live healthier! 

Calling All Moms! Healthy Smiles for Kids

Listen up, moms. Let’s talk about children’s oral health. Have you looked at the labels of your family’s personal care products? Specifically, your kids’ toothpaste and mouthwash?

Tips to Soothe Gums More Naturally

Got gum pain and want quick relief?  Of course you do, and have hope!  There are products and natural ingredients you can apply to stop sore, tender and bleeding gums from being on your mind and part of your life.

Why Try Dr. Brite Toothpaste?

Our Dr. Brite co-founders used their unique dentistry and PHD in treatment-research respective backgrounds to create a toothpaste that can help end dry mouth and soothe gums while still whitening teeth to capture the brightest smile imagined.

Cosmetic Gift Guide for Animal and Green Beauty Lovers

Need some holiday gift-giving inspiration for the green beauty cosmetic lover? Our Digital Ambassador and blogger, Honestly Carolyn Marie, shares her top gift picks that are certified cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny.

Whitening Teeth with Activated Charcoal Answers to 5 Frequent Questions

Interested in whitening your teeth, as well as removing stains, using a toothpaste and mouthwash with activated charcoal? Here are the must-know tips before using any oral care with activated charcoal - including those dark, black kinds of toothpaste or do-it-yourself (DIY) charcoal powders. 

Top 5 Teeth Whitening Tips For the Holiday Season

Learn a few easy tips to get your smile brite and ready for the season filled with family photo opportunites.

What to Know to Safely Use Activated Charcoal

Learn why you should never brush with activated charcoal alone. Skip the trend and read the truth about this detoxifying and whitening ingredient.

Must Haves to Stop & Prevent Painful Gums

Gum pain isn’t something that you can easily ignore like a paper cut. At Dr. Brite, we take your health seriously, which is why you should know all of your options with it comes to soothing your gums.

What Other's Are Saying about Dr. Brite

We like to think Dr. Brite oral care products with natural ingredients are awesome. But hey, we could just be a bit biased. If you haven't tried Dr. Brite yet, don't take our word for it! Hear the real-life reviews from real-life people!

Teeth Whitening Toothpaste with Activated Charcoal

Here’s what you need to know about activated charcoal before applying it to your smile.

How to Care for Your Toothbrush

Before you stick it back into your mouth, ask yourself if it's time to replace your old toothbrush.

Natural Ingredients for Whiter Teeth

With consistent use of these whitening agents with natural ingredients you can achieve a healthier mouth and noticeably brighter smile - without the help of a photo filter.
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