6 of the Best Multi-Purpose Cleaners and Best Disinfectants for Coronavirus

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The COVID-19 pandemic has been upon us for a while, which means there has been plenty of time for anxiety to be stirred up regarding which products are effective enough to ward off the coronavirus. 

Even more, there are plenty of cleaning products available, which can make it difficult to decipher which ones will work best for you and your lifestyle. 

For example, a house with children and pets is better suited to acleaner that has taken care to use natural and safe ingredients as opposed to the harsh chemicals that are often found in commercial products. 

Narrowing down the list of disinfectants out there can be a difficult and overwhelming task, especially on top of the pre-existing stress the pandemic may be causing you. So, let us do the work! These are the 6 best disinfectants for the coronavirus that can take care of all of your cleaning needs and concerns during the COVID-19 crisis.

1. Dr. Brite Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Dr. Brite’s Multi-Purpose Cleaner is cruelty-free and vegan, and it is formulated without the toxic chemicals that can be found in other alternatives. Because this cleaner has a 70% isopropyl alcohol formula, it is a wonderful choice when it comes to keeping your home coronavirus-free. 

You can opt for the unscented version if you are not a fragrance-fiend, or thecitrus scented version can bring you the classic clean smell you might be looking for.

Dr. Brite products are also bleach and chlorine-free, making them safe on hands and skin. The gallon-sized version allows for large-scale cleaning projects, but this cleaner also comes in aconvenient spray bottle both for cleaning at home and on-the-go such for the gym, grocery store, door handles, and more. Because the formula consists of isopropyl alcohol and other, natural ingredients, it is highly safe and effective, and will not damage your skin the way other cleaners with more chemicals do. 

2. Honest Disinfecting Spray

The Honest Disinfecting Spray allows you to clean, deodorize, and disinfect all with one product, and it is formulated without chlorine bleach which makes it a safer option than most. This spray is great for use on hard, non-porous surfaces and simply requires you to spray some of the product and then wipe it clean. 

For the best disinfecting power, you should let the product stand for 10 minutes on the surface before wiping it away. 

This product is a great option for a household disinfectant, but it should be noted that it is not recommended for use on unfinished wood, non-sealed tiles, carpets, brass, painted surfaces, or marble, and you should thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water after use. 

3. Clorox Disinfecting Wipes

The classic Clorox Disinfecting Wipes are tried and true when it comes to sanitizing your home environment, and all you have to do is wipe down a surface and then let it dry. These wipes can kill up to 99.9% of germs, including the COVID-19 virus, Salmonella, and Strep. They are made with a bleach-free formula which makes them slightly less harmful to skin, but it is important for you to wash your hands with soap and water after using this product to avoid prolonged contact because of the chemicals it contains. 

These wipes can be used on the majority of hard surfaces, but you should avoid contact with clothing, unpainted wood, worn surfaces, and waxed or oiled surfaces. It is generally a good idea to do a small patch test before using the product as normal so that you can determine whether or not the product will damage any of the surfaces in your household. 

4. Lysol Disinfecting Wipes

Another tried and true product, Lysol Disinfecting Wipes make cleanup a breeze because all you have to do is wipe down a surface and allow it to dry. One convenient aspect of this product is that they are safe for use on electronics, meaning you can easily disinfect your cell phone or laptop. These wipes are also perfect for countertops, doorknobs, sinks, and appliance exteriors, which means you can take care of any germs and viruses that may be living in your kitchen or bathroom, for example. 

One downside is that it is suggested for you to pre-clean surfaces before using these wipes in order for the disinfecting process to be optimized, and they should also only be used on hard, non-porous surfaces, which can be limiting. When dealing with most commercial cleaning products, it is important to keep in mind that there is a bit of a tradeoff, because many of these products do contain chemicals that can damage certain surfaces and even your skin. 

5. Lysol Kitchen Pro Antibacterial Cleaner

The Lysol Kitchen Pro Antibacterial Cleaner cuts through kitchen grease while getting rid of viruses and bacteria. The surfaces it can be used on include countertops, sinks, stoves, cabinets, and appliance exteriors, making it a good choice if you want a product strictly for use in the kitchen, but a less satisfactory option if you want to sanitize other surfaces. 

When you are using this product, it is important for you to take care to rinse any food-contact surfaces with water afterwards to get rid of any residual product. Additionally, if you want the sanitizing powers of the product to be optimized, you should actually pre-clean the surfaces in question before you use this product, and then let the product sit on the surfaces for up to 5 minutes before wiping it away. 

6. Force of Nature Kit

The Force of Nature Starter Kit allows you to essentially mix your own cleaner and disinfectant, which makes it a much more hands-on approach. This option is great if you want a simple formula, and are interested in the science behind cleaning products, but it is likely not the best option for a household with small children due to the fact that the packaged ingredients could easily fall into the wrong hands. 

Force of Nature focuses on using electrolyzed water to create a household cleaner that tackles germs and viruses, and the starter kit includes 5 activator capsules which allow you to make 5 bottles of cleaner. Essentially, the kit includes special instructions on how to use the activator capsules to create electrolyzed water by using a special device included, and the final product is a disinfectant that can be used to get rid of germs and viruses. 

That being said, the value is definitely appealing, but be mindful of the fact that this product calls for you to get involved in the production process, and if you just want a quick and easy clean, this is probably not the one for you. 

Bottom Line

Finding a disinfectant that kills the COVID-19 virus can be a daunting task, especially considering that the list of approved products is pages and pages long. Choosing a product that fits your needs and lifestyle is important so that you can make sure you are getting the best clean without any other health risks being introduced, like harmful chemicals and toxins.

These six disinfectants are sure to have all of your needs covered, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, but the product that is best for you will vary depending on your specific situation. 

Out of these products,Dr. Brite’s Multi-Purpose Cleaner takes care of any concern you may have, because it has a natural, non-toxic formula and can be used on a wide variety of surfaces and materials, and it is also cruelty-free and vegan. It contains 70% isopropyl alcohol, which meets CDC recommendations and wipes out coronavirus without the harmful chemicals that many commercial products contain. 

We know you are looking for disinfecting power, and Dr. Brite Multi-Purpose Cleaner is both the best choice and thesafestchoice.

Having a non-toxic formula is especially important if you have kids or pets in your home that may stumble upon your cleaning products unknowingly, so if your home fits this description, this may be the best choice for you. Regardless of which products you decide to use, it is always smart to do a patch test on surfaces to ensure that no damage will be done. 


1. What are some preventative measures for COVID-19?

Physical or social distancing, quarantining, ventilation of indoor spaces, covering coughs and sneezes, hand washing, and keeping unwashed hands away from the face are all preventive measures. In public settings, masks or coverings are recommended to minimize the risk of transmission.

2. How does COVID-19 spread?

People spread the virus through close contact and through aerosols and respiratory droplets exhaled when talking, breathing, or otherwise exhaling, as well as those produced by coughing or sneezing.

3. Is handwashing recommended to prevent the spread of COVID-19?

Hands should be washed with soap and running water because COVID-19 spreads primarily through mouth and nasal secretions. To prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other COVID-appropriate behaviors, cough, sneeze, take care of ill people, go to the bathroom, and wash your hands before eating and preparing food. Hand washing is essential at frequent intervals. It is important to wash our hands after touching common objects, such as doorknobs and handles, or after visiting a public area.