Why Low Foaming Toothpaste is the Best


If you’re new to Dr. Brite products, you may find that they feel a little different than your conventional toothpaste.


All toothpastes foam because of the ingredient SLS.

We refuse to put SLS in our toothpaste because it causes inflammation, dry mouth, skin irritation, and canker sores that can lead to nasty cavities. 

The best ingredients for a brite, healthy smile are found in nature. We’ve hand-picked the most powerful and put them in our products.

To Transition: 
Add some Dr. Brite to your old toothpaste, gradually increase the amount until you are using all Dr. Brite. Allow 2-3 weeks for your mouth to adjust. Smile knowing that you are using the best toxin-free toothpaste on the market!


Suds don’t clean your teeth, but create the illusion of a clean mouth.

Dr. Pooneh & Dr. Paris