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Why Dr. Brite?

Our Commitment 

 At Dr.Brite we are committed to creating a healthier world by providing safe, effective, affordable and accessible everyday beauty, health and household products crafted with care from sustainably sourced ingredients. We achieve our commitment through innovation, research and development, fair employment, selling and procurement practices, and charitable giving.

 Our Promise: 100% Natural, Safe and Effective Products

When it comes to you, your family and your pets, you want the products you use every day to consist of the purest, gentlest ingredients. You want to use products that enhance your life without harming your health, the health of your family or that of the Earth. Dr.Brite promises that all of our products and ingredients are sourced and produced sustainably, are safe and effective, and are all-natural, vegan, cruelty-free, organic, gluten free and non-GMO.

The Dr. Brite Story

The Dr. Brite brand was born from a passion and vision to make the world a less chemically toxic place. We’re two sisters, Pooneh, a dentist, and Paris, a cancer surgeon, who are also moms. In our medical experience, we encountered an alarming number of young patients developing cancer with no known family history. After careful research, we began to believe that these increasing cancer rates were due to exposure to harmful chemicals found in the environment and in the products they use everyday. As concerned moms, we searched the market for alternatives and realized there was a void when it came to safe, effective, organic, sustainable, and reasonably priced personal care and household products. Instead, what we found was troubling. Many of the products we use everyday are filled with toxic chemicals and are expensive! So we decided, as a “Dr. MOMpreneur duo,” to combine our years of professional experience to revolutionize the personal care and household products market with health, beauty and household products that are safe, effective, affordable, and naturally good for you, your family and your pets.