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Holiday Picture Smile Ready

shining bright, white teeth smile for greeting card photos, office parties, holiday happy hours and festive selfies

It’s officially the holiday season!  We’re past Thanksgiving, and it’s already December. Is your smile ready for the holiday pictures? Worried that your teeth will look like those old yellowish lights compared to the bright white LED lights?

You can have a Hollywood perfect smile ready with Dr. Brite Natural Teeth Whitening Pens.

From greeting card photo shoots, office parties, holiday happy hours or festive selfies the last thing you need is to be self-conscious about your smile. And don’t let conventional teeth whitening methods frustrate you even more.

Say sayonara to slimy strips and bid adieu to bulky trays! Shine brite with our Natural Teeth Whitening Pens that are mess-free, and easy-to-use. All you need is 2 minutes and you’ll be the star of your holiday pictures.

In Time for Holiday Pictures!

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The Natural Teeth Whitening Pens with food-grade Hydrogen Peroxide can naturally remove stains. These easy-to-use teeth whitening products are formulated with gentle, yet proven effective, ingredients. You can say hello to brite, pearly whites and it's as easy as click, apply, done.

Clinical studies show the Dr. Brite Natural Teeth Whitening Pens removes years of stains and can whiten teeth up to 2 shades in as little as 2 days. Whiten your teeth without pain or exposing your mouth to harmful chemicals. 

Dr. Brite's Natural Teeth Whitening Pens are made in the USA as a no sensitivity, powerful in-home teeth whitening product that is free of carrageenan, SLS-free, paraben-free, and phthalate-free.

Uncertain if natural teeth whitening products are right for you? 

Below we answer two common questions about natural teeth whitening:
    • What are the benefits of natural teeth whitening products?
    • How do you use teeth whitening pens?

    The Benefits of Gentle, Non-toxic and Natural Teeth Whitening Products

    Not all teeth whitening products are created equal. Many mainstream and conventional teeth whitening options are filled with harsh, artificial ingredients that can cause sensitive teeth.

    Our team at Dr. Brite wanted to change people’s minds and it’s exactly we created Natural Teeth Whitening Pens that are infused with safe, gentle ingredients. Not only are you getting a dazzling, white smile, you’re also getting a healthier mouth. Here’s how our ingredients work:
      • Hydrogen Peroxide: A well-proven, natural, and safe way to whiten teeth quickly. Dr. Brite only uses food-grade hydrogen peroxide so that tooth sensitivity is a thing of the past.
      • Organic Coconut Oil: Renown for its natural whitening and antibacterial properties, organic coconut oil can help ensure teeth are ready for whitening action.
      • Baking Soda: A natural ingredient that can help whiten teeth without a gritty feel or abrasive harm when balanced with other active ingredients in our proprietary natural teeth whitening formula.
      • Vitamin C: This antioxidant helps promote gum health so that your pearly whites look even more radiant, while helping with the holistic health of the mouth and gums.

      How to Use Whitening Pens Effectively for a Dazzling, Whiter Smile

      We recommend using our teeth whitening pens 7-10 days before your holiday event and then on the day-of so that your smile looks even whiter.

      We also suggest you use our teeth whitening pens as a system to quickly erase stains and maintain a brite smile. Here’s how our Natural Teeth Whitening Pens work best:
        • First, start with our Peroxide-Free pen in the morning after you’ve had breakfast and you’ve brush your teeth. Our Peroxide-Free pen does gently whiten, but more importantly, it helps desensitize teeth and it helps lift stains so that they’re easier to erase.
        • Then about midday or at lunchtime, use our Natural Teeth Whitening Pen with Peroxide that works fast to erase stains.
        • Finally, use our Peroxide-Free pen one more time before you go to bed to ensure that stains from the colorful foods and drinks you love don’t settle onto your teeth. This method can help quickly whiten your teeth while protecting and preventing any stains from forming on your smile.
        You can actually use each of our teeth whitening pens up to 2-3 times per day and each pen will give you 20-30 applications. To read more about how to use our pens, check out the instructions under “For Best Results” on our Natural Teeth Whitening Pen product pages. And before you go...

        Special Holiday Sale

        Enjoy the Holiday Season with a Brite Smile and a Brite Deal!

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        Natural Teeth Whitening Pen

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        with 3-Day Shipping ($7.95 value)*
        with code: PicturePerfect

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