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NEW Wireless Advanced Whitening System (Peroxide Free)

A powerful peroxide-free formula that’s fast, effective, and perfect for sensitive teeth.

Instant teeth whitening results after just 1 treatment. The all-new Advanced Whitening Kit (Peroxide FREE) is the ultimate way to transform your confidence! Just ONE session will reveal the beautiful smile that’s been hiding underneath those years of stains. A more confident you starts now!

An investment in yourself!

  • The most effective teeth whitening kit we’ve ever made.
  • Treat yourself to a completely effortless hands-free whitening experience.
  • Erase decades of coffee, wine, tea, and smoking stains.
  • See a dramatically briter smile after one use.
  • Dentist-developed whitening serum, perfect for sensitive teeth
  • Over +200,000 smiles transformed
  • Safe to use of braces, caps, crowns, veneers, and bridges

The Most Effortless Way To Whiten - Achieve A Visibly Brighter Smile FAST!

Dramatically brighten your smile fast, without sacrifice. While cheaper options cause painful sensitivity, Dr. Brite's new & improved enamel-safe whitening formula was developed by an American dentist for virtually no sensitivity.

Achieve a million dollar smile for less than $300, results guaranteed. What's Included:

  • (1) Wireless Dual LED Accelerator Light
  • (2) Daytime Whitening Pens (30 treatments per pen)
  • (1) Nighttime Whitening Pen (30 treatments per pen)
  • (1) Dual LED Light Charging Cord
  • (1) Shade Guide

✓ No messy teeth whitening strips!
✓ Pain-free, no teeth sensitivity after treatment.
✓ 2 Month Supply for long lasting brilliance!

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#1 Recommended Kit By BuzzFeed

  • Fast shipping from California
  • Vegan & Gluten-free
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Press once for Blue light (accelerates whitening process)
  • Press again for Red & Blue Light (reduces gum inflammation)
  • Proprietary whitening formula developed by a dentist
  • Whiten the deepest of stains in minutes per day
  • Limited Quantities

Real People, Real Reviews!



Day Pen: glycerol, deionized water, PAP, carbomer, HAP, cocos nucifera (coconut oil), mentha arvensis (menthol crystals), xylitol, aloe barbadensis (aloe vera) leaf juice, punica granaturm (pomegranate seed oil), vaccinium macrocarpon (cranberry seed oil), mica, sodium hydroxide, hydroxyapatite (mineral), chamomilla recutita matricaria (chamomile flower extract), mentha piperita (peppermint oil)

Night Pen: glycerol, CP (carbamide peroxide), deionized water, carbomer, carboxymethyl (cellulose gum), polyvinylpyrrolidone (water-soluble polymer), mentha arvensis (menthol crystals), sodium hydroxide, hydroxyapatite (mineral), chamomilla recutita matricaria (chamomile flower extract), mentha piperita (peppermint oil)

Customer Reviews

Based on 70 reviews
Sherrie Garber
Clean and Amazing

My mouth and teeth feel clean and fresh….. and fluoride free. Love the mouths wash ….. my teeth feel clean throughout the day…..



Nancy Sternad
Whitening review

We love the whitening system because it is safe and works! Love the products!

Works well

I like that it's not making my teeth sensitive like the ones I got from my dentist, and it doesn't take as long to do as well. However, I do wish that the effect lasts longer, so that I don't have to do this as often. The pen also sometimes don't work well, it takes ages for the pens to get the product out. Fyi I'm still finishing off my previous pens before digging into the refills.


I've been using the product consistently for only two weeks, and when I look in the mirror, it's OBVIOUS!
I was starting to feel self-conscious about my smile after recently taking to drinking herbal and brain performance teas. Oh my gosh, I just love what this stuff does. Its easy to use and natural. Its basically my dream come true.
Thank you, Dr. Brite, for your commitment to great products that are effective AND naturally sourced!!!!

Olivia R
Whitening system

At first I did not like the whitening system. I have a very small mouth and the first time I tried it I thought it didn’t fit and then when I finally got it in, I was drooling so much. It takes some work but it gets easier every time. Now I like it very much. Only takes about 10 mins

Clean product that works

This is my first time using the new product, I previously used the first ‘edition’ one. They both worked. I also use it with the extra whitening toothpaste. I love that with the new I had no sensitivity at all when I applied the gel. I still used the sensitivity mode for the tray just in case. I have been using it for about 3 weeks some days I forget to use the day pen or night pen, but I’m still happy with the results.

Krysta O'Connor
Best whitening system

This is the best whitening system I have used. I have not experienced any sensitivity and usually with other products I get extreme sensitivity. I 100% would recommend.