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What to Know to Safely Use Activated Charcoal

Beauty trends come and go, but there are a few that eventually stand the test of time. The use of activated charcoal looks like it’s increasingly becoming a staple especially in the natural beauty sphere. In fact, you can find activated charcoal in Dr. Brite’s EWG VERIFIED™ toothpastes and mouthwashes.

Our team at Dr. Brite is here, however, to explain how our activated charcoal is different from the incredibly abrasive, dark powder that many people use to brush their teeth with day and night. Our whitening products are holistic whiteners, not confined to just one ingredient. 

We want to let you know that there can be too much of a good thing, so our team will give you the low-down on:

  • What activated charcoal is
  • Why you need to stop brushing with activated charcoal alone
  • How Dr. Brite uses activated charcoal carefully to brighten your smile

What is Activated Charcoal?

In case you’re unfamiliar with activated charcoal, this type of charcoal is completely different from the charcoal that is used for barbecues. As a safety precaution, never use barbecue charcoal, which contains toxic chemicals to humans, as a substitute for DIY beauty or personal care recipes.

Activated charcoal is created through a high-temperature heating process that creates more surface area, which then makes activated charcoal more porous (Healthline). This porous quality makes activated charcoal a natural detoxifying ingredient because toxins attach to the nooks and crannies of individual activated charcoal particles.

Traditionally, activated charcoal was used in hospitals to prevent overdoses and to prevent the body from absorbing toxins. More recently, activated charcoal’s detoxifying and abrasive properties have gained traction and popularity especially when it comes to oral care products containing natural ingredients.

But did you know that this natural ingredient can have some serious negative side effects if used alone? Let’s explore why you shouldn’t be brushing with activated charcoal by itself.

Why You Need to Stop Brushing with Activated Charcoal Alone

Most of the activated charcoal that’s readily sold in health stores is a dark black color and this dark coloring can end up tattooing your gums. Sure, your teeth may appear to be whiter, but that could be because of the contrast between your discolored gums and your teeth.

Not only is gum discoloration an issue, but activated charcoal is incredibly abrasive when used alone. This means that using activated charcoal alone can wear down your enamel with prolonged use. Unlike our hair, fingernails, and eyelashes, the enamel of our teeth doesn’t grow back or replenish itself and one it’s your enamel is gone, it’s gone for good (Fox News Health)

If you’re familiar with Dr. Brite products, you may be wondering what about the activated charcoal that’s used in our toothpaste and mouthwash formulas? We’ll discuss how we use our unique activated charcoal so that your smile gets the whitening benefits without the worry of wearing down your enamel.

How Dr. Brite Uses Activated Charcoal Carefully to Brighten Your Smile

The activated charcoal used in Dr. Brite’s toothpaste and mouthwashes actually comes from coconut shells and is a grayish white color instead of black.

The way this activated charcoal is extracted involves scraping off only the white ash rather than dark ash. This process means you’re getting all of the benefits of activated charcoal without the risk of tattooing your gums or damaging your tooth enamel.

On top of this, the percentage of activated charcoal found in Dr. Brite products is quite low so won’t notice a harsh abrasive sensation. We also include an array of yummy, holistic ingredients that all work in synergy to help boost your oral health more naturally.

Our team at Dr. Brite highly recommends incorporating oral care that is formulated with multiple ingredients, including natural and organic ingredients, that work together to take care of your smile. Skip the one-product oral care products on the market and pamper your pearly whites with a doctor-created line of oral care.