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How Much Does Teeth Whitening Cost?

Nothing is more embarrassing than showing off your pearly whites for the family photo… only to look back and notice that they aren’t, well, pearly white. Tons of people feel a little embarrassment when they notice stains on their teeth from coffee, wine, or having a few too many pieces of chocolate over the holiday season!

Thankfully, you can always whiten your teeth for a number of bleaching methods. But how much does teeth whitening cost, and which method should you choose? Let’s answer both of those questions now.

There Are Different Ways to Whiten Your Teeth

“How much does it cost to whiten your teeth” is a complex question since there are multiple different ways to achieve this goal. In most cases, people want to whiten their teeth for the long-term, rather than just get short-term whitening for the Christmas photo coming up. Fortunately for them, whitening for photos or other upcoming engagements can be easily accomplished with short-term whitening strips or through Photoshop.

More intense teeth whitening takes a little more time and is done so that you enjoy a whiter smile more permanently. The cost, of course, varies based on the method used, how much tech is involved, whether or not an expert has to apply the whitening agent or tool, and how long the whitening effect will last.

Let’s break down each of the different ways you can whiten your teeth so you can estimate the costs.

OTC Products

Lots of people use over-the-counter or OTC products in order to whiten their teeth over the short to medium-term. Over-the-counter whitening products are things like teeth whitening strips and teeth whitening gel.

These are often popular solutions since you can purchase OTC products without a doctor’s prescription and apply them without anyone else’s assistance. They’re typically easy to apply and they don’t cost too much either.

However, over-the-counter whitening solutions don’t last for too long. In most cases, you’ll be able to treat your teeth for up to two weeks to a month before you need to buy more of the whitening tools to preserve the effect.

There's one exception to this. You can purchase a custom-fitted whitening tray from your dentist after they take certain measurements. These are usually much more expensive, although they allow you to technically whiten your teeth yourself with an "OTC" method without having to go to the dentist's office every time you want to change the shade of your teeth. 

Cost: Usually between $20 and $40. A custom whitening tray can cost up to $400


  • Very easy to apply yourself
  • Some of the most affordable ways to whiten your teeth
  • Doesn’t take long to see effects
  • Can easily be applied for short-term needs, then discarded if you don’t like the improved color


  • The whitening effect doesn’t last very long
  • Costs can theoretically add up to be more expensive in the long term compared to other whitening methods if you want permanently whiter teeth

Dr. Brite’s Whitening Solutions

There’s also Dr. Brite’s teeth whitening solutions and kits. There are all kinds of tools to use, including:

You can even pick up everything that Dr. Brite has to offer in a comprehensive Whitening Kit. This allows you to take charge of your own whitening efforts without having to visit a dentist or totally break the bank.

Why are Dr. Brite’s whitening products distinct from other OTC solutions? Well, our products are made with natural ingredients, so they won’t overly bleach your teeth or lead to harsh damage to their enamel from absorbing toxic chemicals.

In many ways, these whitening products are safer and more effective than many other OTC or grocery store whitening strips and tools. Check these out if you like the convenience of OTC whitening kits, but want to make sure that the products in question don’t damage your teeth or gums. 

Cost: $12-$150 depending on what you buy


  • Very easy to apply
  • Made with all-natural ingredients instead of harsh or toxic chemicals
  • There are full kits and individual tools depending on what exactly you need
  • Dr. Brite's whitening kits are safe to use and long-lasting compared to the competition 
  • Very affordable


  • The whitening effect doesn’t last as long as “permanent” whitening at a dentist’s office

Whitening At a Dentist’s Office

You can always upgrade your whitening efforts and take things more seriously by visiting a dentist's office for professional whitening. In these cases, the dentist will use much more powerful bleaching agents than the kinds you can find at grocery stores and pharmacies.

Only dentists are allowed to use these bleaches since they have to be applied carefully and professionally so they don’t damage your teeth and gums. For example, the whitening strips you buy at stores normally don’t contain over 10% hydrogen peroxide. But dentist office bleaching agents may contain between 25% and 40% hydrogen peroxide.

Still, these can be a good choice if you want a longer-lasting, more dramatic whitening effect. You don’t have to visit the dentist’s office very often, although no whitening method offers truly permanent results. You’ll still need to return once per season or so depending on how “staining” your regular foods and drinks are.

Furthermore, dentist bleaching treatments can be quite expensive compared to the other options.

Cost: Depends. Treatments are usually at least $500 but can easily go up to $1000 per treatment


  • Longer-lasting whitening effect, usually up to several months
  • You don’t have to apply anything yourself; just sit back and relax
  • Whitening effect can be extended by watching what you eat and drink


  • The costs are much higher compared to the other options
  • Some folks’ teeth are too sensitive for this to be viable

Laser Whitening

There’s one last method called laser whitening. Though it sounds high tech, it’s really just another way to bleach your teeth by using a laser to bleach away stained material instead of using only a chemical bleaching agent. Although most types of bleaching cause tooth sensitivity no matter what, laser bleaching can be particularly harsh if you already have sensitive teeth.

Laser bleaching can cost easily over $1000 on average, but it arguably results in the longest-lasting whitening effect before you have to return to the dentist for another session. You might consider this if you have really stained teeth and other bleaching efforts don't give you the white smile you're after.

Cost: Usually over $1000 per session


  • Produces a very long-lasting bleaching effect
  • Some people find this treatment less harsh or uncomfortable than other dentist bleaching treatments
  • Again, you don’t have to do anything – just sit back and relax as the dentist does his or her work


  • The cost is easily the most expensive out of all the methods
  • Some people also find this method to be too sensitivity-inducing for their comfort


In the end, the cost of whitening your teeth will undoubtedly vary based on your preferences, how often you want to whiten your teeth, and how stained your teeth are already. The good news is that it’s definitely possible to affordably whiten your teeth using affordable OTC products, like the kind offered by Dr. Brite.

However, we’d recommend going slowly when whitening your teeth if you haven’t experienced the effect before. This will allow you to experiment with how much whitening you can stand and prevent you from accidentally over-bleaching your teeth and making yourself uncomfortable.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any other questions about teeth whitening or all-natural products!


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