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Affordable Pet Dental Care – Does It Exist?

Our pets rely on us for all their health needs – that includes dental care. But many people don’t imagine that dental care can cost money when they get a pet for the first time. We’re used to thinking of pets’ teeth as sort of self-cleaning, or believing that they don’t need the same care and attention that our own teeth do.

In reality, our pets’ teeth still need cleaning and attention regularly. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that pet dental care has to be expensive.

In fact,affordable pet dental care does exist, but whether or not you get to enjoy it depends on how well you perform preventative dental care and the kinds of dental care products you use for your furry friend. 

Let’s break down how you can secure affordable pet dental care and what to expect when you go to the veterinarian’s office.

First and Foremost – Does Your Pet Even Need Dental Care?

Absolutely. After all, they have teeth and use them every day to eat their meals, don’t they?

However,pet dental care is a little different from the kind we humans need. That's because the majority of pets, at least if fed a proper diet, won't eat tons of sweets or sugary foods, which are the primary source of cavities, gum disease, and other dental issues common in humans. Because of this, pets still need dental care, but it’s more about preventing surface damage and general cleaning than dedicated cavity prevention (although this is still important).

Note, of course, that your petmay be at greater risk for cavities if you give them too many treats!

This is actually good news for any pet owner who doesn’t have tons of cash to spend on their pet’s teeth. The reality is that affordable pet dental caredoes exist, so long as you take the right preventative measures and take care of your pet’s teeth before a real problem crops up.

Of course, you should also visit a vet once or twice a year depending on your vet’s recommendation. A regular vet checkup will include a dental examination, during which time the vet will check your pet’s teeth for noticeable damage and signs of cavities. With luck, your preventative care will be all your pet needs, and that’s much cheaper in the long run!

Dental Care for Pets

Dental care for a pet is broadly organized across three points:

  • Like human teeth, pet teeth need to be regularly brushed. Brushing can reduce plaque buildup and help strengthen the enamel of your pet’s teeth between vet visits. Granted, your pet can’t brush their teeth themselves, so it’s up to you to use a specialized pet cleaning tool to do the job.
  • You should also consider looking into additional dental care support.You can find these in the forms of specialoral care sprays for pets specifically, which can soothe irritated gums and freshen the breath of your pet at the same time. This is much easier to apply compared to brushing, but both are necessary for holistic pet dental care.
  • Lastly, pets should be encouraged to chew on toys (especially dogs). Toys strengthen the teeth and enamel, plus bolster the gums to help keep gum disease at bay. Even better, many common pet toys come lined or infused with dental coatings that can help the teeth and gums the more your pet plays with a given toy.

In addition to all of these elements, you should take your pet to the vet at regular intervals and have them look at their teeth each and every time. By doing this, your vet will be able to identify any trouble spots, prescribe you powerful medication or dental tools as needed, and/or take care of any pet dental problems before they become really serious.

Pet dental care is not exorbitant in terms of cost unless a serious dental issue emerges and a special treatment or operation is required. In most cases, your pet’s dental care will only cost as much as an annual or biannual vet visit, plus any dental tools you use for preventative care.

Tips to Boost Dental Care for Pets

How can you make sure that your pet’s dental care stays affordable? Here are a few great dental care tools you can use.

Dr. Brite’s Pet Teeth Cleaning Gel Pen

It’s no secret that brushing your pet’s teeth can be, well, apain. That’s why thisteeth and gum cleaning pen for pets was specifically designed for use with your cat or dog.



It’s a simple gel pen device, so you just remove the cap, then smear the gel pen on your pet’s teeth as they undoubtedly squirm and try to get away. But you don’t need to brush excessively or scrub their gums uncomfortably. The gel does all the work and can help remove serious plaque, lowering the likelihood of cavities.

The pen is only made with organic ingredients like:

  • Organic glycerin
  • Coconut oil
  • Non-acidic vitamin C
  • Bioflavonoids
  • Grapeseed extract
  • Parsley extract

All of these can combine to keep your pet’s dental hygiene at its best. It's so gentle and soothing that your pet may even approachyou for a cleaning now and again!

Dr. Brite’s Pet Pure Oral Cleansing Spray

You should also considerthis oral cleansing spray for pets, which is designed to be applied straight into your pet’s mouth every time they have bad breath to reduce plaque and promotegum health with its natural ingredients! This oral spray includes:

  • Parsley extract
  • Coconut oil
  • Green algae extract
  • Vitamin C
  • Grapeseed extract
  • Hempseed oil

Using preventative tools like sprays and gels together is the best way to secure happy, healthy gums and teeth!

Better preventative care also means cheaper pet dental care in the long run since your pet will be less likely to get gum disease, cavities, or other serious dental issues that will require the help of a veterinarian or a special vet dentist.

Do Vets Clean Pets’ Teeth? 

Sometimes. Check with your veterinarian and see what is included with a standard annual or biannual pet checkup. Some veterinarians are generous and will include a basic brushing or cleaning with the regular checkup, but this may also be dependent on your pet’s temperament and personality.

For instance, some vets will be more willing to give your pet a quick brushing if they’re calm and usually relaxed at the vet’s office. If your pet likes to fight and is unfortunately afraid of the vet, they may require you to take your pet to a specialized animal dentist to get their teeth cleaned.

Again, this is all determined by a few different factors, so speak with your veterinarian and ask what they recommend. They may also have additional pet dental care tips you can use to keep your pet’s dental care costs low and your pet’s teeth looking and feeling great!


Taking care of a pet can be expensive, but dental care doesn’t have to be one of the high costs associated with keeping a best friend at home. In fact, pet dental care can easily work out to be much cheaper than humans. You’ll have to purchase cleaning supplies less frequently compared to the stuff you need for your own teeth, and any pet dental care required will almost certainly be cheaper than an equivalent operation with human chompers.

Good luck to you and your furry friend!