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Quarantine Baby Boom: 5 Things New Moms Are Doing Differently Now

  • by GR0
  • 4 min read

Babies galore!


That’s right, we are officially in the quarantine baby boom!


Having a baby at any time is, well, just… wow. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions from start to finish.


And ESPECIALLY with everything going on now, new and expecting mothers are doing things differently.


We’re entering what some experts are calling a “quarantine baby boom...” and mothers are more concerned than ever with keeping themselves and their newborn safe!


So with that said, let’s look at the top 5 things moms are doing differently during the quarantine baby boom…


“Pregnancy Nose”

Staying safe and healthy during pregnancy was always important, but it’s more complicated now than ever!

A lot of new moms are carrying hand sanitizer to avoid germs between doctors’ appointments, work, and everyday life… but there’s a big problem. 


The SMELL in a lot of traditional hand sanitizers is incredibly overpowering… especially if you have a sensitive nose.


(A lot of sanitizers are made with ethyl alcohol which has a very strong smell).


So instead, new moms are opting forunscented sanitizers and  multi-purpose wipes -- keeping themselves and the baby safe WITHOUT the overpowering scents. 


Baby Showers


Zoom, zoom, zoom!


A lot of expecting mothers are turning to “virtual” baby showers, which is the safest bet. 


But some moms are hosting their baby showers outside, or even having a “staggered” baby shower.

With a “staggered” baby shower, guests come in shifts to allow mothers to clean and sanitize between visits!


Also, wiping down gifts has also become the new norm. 


The key with any cleaning wipes is to make sure they do NOT contain any synthetic fragrances or fragrance oils. Some of the bigger brand wipes use cheap synthetic chemicals which can be dangerous and possibly even carcinogenic. 


(On the other hand -- our soothingeucalyptus wipes are non-toxic and can even help a new mother reduce stress.)




As mothers get closer to their due date, the nesting extinct will be in full swing...


Cleaning the entire house, top to bottom.

But especially nowadays, you might feel the need to go above and beyond. Many mothers are turning to safer cleaning alternatives. 


After all, no one wants to clean the baby’s environment with abrasive chemicals! But a lot of traditional cleaners and sanitizers contain methanol,the same chemical found in antifreeze, fuel, and even cigarette smoke. 


That’s whywe suggest multi-purpose alcohol wipes with natural 70% isopropyl alcohol instead of those other cleaning solutions.


(It’s A LOT safer and even evaporates a lot quicker to prevent cracked skin).


4th Trimester

Doctor's appointments. Walks. Doctor's appointments. Walks…


A lot of postpartum moms are staying in as best they can for the safety of their baby.


But let’s be real…


It’s impossible to stay in ALL the time. 


If it’s not running to a doctor’s appointment, then it’s taking the baby out for a stroll.


With that said, you’re always going to want to be prepared with the adequate essentials to keep safe on the go. A handykey chain sanitizer orsafe alcohol wipes are a must-have for staying safe and clean on the go!




Friends and family members are going to be beside themselves at the chance to visit the new baby (and you of course!) when the time is right.


But with that said, you may want to consider extra precautions to make sure the little one stays safe during visits.


Little things like checking guest’s temperatures, having guests remove their shoes, or wiping down their own shoes will go a long way.


Some mothers are even taking no chances and installing touchless sanitizer pumps for guests!


Also as a general rule - guests who hold the baby should sanitize hand to elbow (or anywhere that skin will come into contact with the baby’s skin).


Key Takeaways 


There’s no getting around it: circumstances are different now. And things probably won’t be going back to normal for a while. 


Moms are having to be super clean and mindful now more than ever…


And also, they should be extremely careful of all the regular cleaning products traditionally offered.


Regular cleaning products contain an abundance of harmful ingredients such as methanol, ethanol, and fragrance oils. Those aren’t good for anyone, and especially aren’t good for newborns! 


Dr. Brite’s product range is designed with moms in mind and is a great solution to protect your baby all around… not just from germs but also from all the usual harmful ingredients found in the majority of household cleaners.


The formulas for all of our products are made in the USA in an FDA-registered facility. They are safe on skin, for kids, and even for pets!


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