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The 7 Best Hydroxyapatite Toothpastes

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If you are looking for a great toothpaste that will help work to remineralize your teeth, toothpaste containing hydroxyapatite may be the choice for you. Hydroxyapatite can have comparable effects on tooth enamel to fluoride, making it a good option if you are struggling with weakened, demineralized teeth. 

In fact, your enamel is made up of about96% hydroxyapatite, which is why oral care formulations containing this ingredient are so highly effective. 

Over time, regular activities like eating acidic foods and even using certain toothpaste with abrasive ingredients can wear down your enamel and result in demineralization. This is why toothpaste and oral care products containing minerals like hydroxyapatite, or toothpaste that are aimed at remineralizing your teeth, are so important and can help you see and feel a difference.

One study that compared a hydroxyapatite toothpaste with a fluoride toothpaste found no significant difference in the remineralization effects of the two, thus hydroxyapatite may be considered equal to fluoride toothpaste.

That being said, there is a multitude of hydroxyapatite toothpaste commercially available, and the wide variety of options can make it difficult to know which one you should choose. This is why we have compiled this list of seven of the best hydroxyapatite toothpaste on the market, and what you need to know about each of them. 


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1. Dr. Brite Healthy Smile Toothpaste

Dr. Brite’s Healthy Smile Toothpaste is available in a delicious coconut chai flavor and works to help moisturize your mouth, decrease pain, relieve dry mouth, and provide anti-inflammatory effects, making it the perfect choice if you are dealing with a few different struggles when it comes to oral care.

This multifaceted toothpaste is also packed full of natural ingredients like hemp seed oil, aloe vera, and coconut oil so that you can take care of your mouth in a healthful way without introducing harsh or potentially harmful chemicals. Plus, itdoescontain hydroxyapatite so that you can reap the remineralizing benefits of this ingredient, too. 

Dr. Brite is committed to providing safer products that are naturally derived and created by doctors so that you can rest assured that your household products are not secretly doing you harm. 


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2. Dr. Brite Extreme Whitening Toothpaste

Next up is theDr. Brite Extreme Whitening Toothpaste, which combines the remineralizing power of hydroxyapatite with the whitening power of coconut oil and activated charcoal. This product is also available in a classic mint flavor, which is perfect if you are looking for the mintiness that you are used to, but you still want remineralizing and whitening power.

This toothpaste is also gluten-free, sulfate-free, paraben-free, and phthalate-free, meaning you do not have to worry about these sneaky ingredients finding their way into your, or your loved ones’, bodies. 

Even further, this whitening toothpaste is free of the harsh chemicals that many other commercially available whitening products contain, and it is formulated to whiten your teeth without causing sensitivity. Plus, at only $10, this product is highly affordable and is a 5-ounce tube, so you are getting a decent amount of product that will last you for a while. 


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3. Boka Ela Mint Toothpaste

Boka’s Ela Mint Toothpaste, too, makes use of hydroxyapatite as opposed to fluoride and also contains aloe vera, green tea, and mint for a refreshing flavor and feel. This product is also paraben-free, SLS-free, and safe for kids. 

That said, at $12 it is just slightly more expensive than the aforementioned options, and the tub is only 4 ounces of product.


4. Wellnesse Whitening Toothpaste

The Wellnesse Whitening Toothpaste includes hydroxyapatite and green tea in order to remineralize teeth, fight cavities, and keep you feeling minty fresh. This product is also cruelty-free and free of parabens and comes in a compostable tube. 

This toothpaste is, however, priced at $12 for 4 ounces of product, so there are more affordable alternatives out there. 

5. Bite Fresh Mint Toothpaste Bits

The Bite Fresh Mint Toothpaste Bits are free of harsh chemicals, sulfates, parabens, and artificial flavorings, and this product is cruelty-free as well. To use this product, you just have to bite down on one toothpaste bit and then brush with a wet toothbrush. You can use this product just like normal toothpaste, and it comes in a glass jar as opposed to a plastic tube. Plus, these bits come in a fresh mint flavor so you can have the classic mintiness you might be used to. 

This product is available for $12 and contains 62 tablets or enough product for a month, but if you would rather have the feeling of traditional, paste-consistency toothpaste, this will not do the trick to satisfy you. 

6. CariFree CTx4 Gel 1100 0.24%

The CariFree CTx4 Gel 1100 contains 0.24% neutral sodium fluoride alongside hydroxyapatite and a patented pH technology, and it was formulated to be low abrasion and non-staining. This toothpaste is aimed at preventing cavities, remineralizing your teeth, and neutralizing the pH in your mouth, and may help patients dealing with dry mouth. 

On the other hand, this product costs $17 for one tube with 2 ounces of product, making it more expensive than other options, and with less actual toothpaste in the tube. 

7. PerioSciences AO Pro Toothpaste White Care

The PerioSciences AO Pro Toothpaste White Care promotes a whiter smile while also using hydroxyapatite to remineralize your teeth. This product contains high concentrations of fluoride alongside hydroxyapatite, peppermint oil, and grapefruit extract, and the toothpaste contains mostly naturally sourced ingredients

This product does not, however, specify whether or not it is cruelty-free or vegan, and there are no indications of it being free from harmful chemicals or parabens, sulfates, or phthalates. Additionally, it does cost over $19 for 3 fluid ounces of product, making it the most expensive option thus far.  

So… Which Option is Best?

Out of these seven options, there is plenty of variety in terms of flavors, pricing, amount of product, and even product consistency. 

The best product in all of these areas is either Dr. Brite’s Healthy Gums Toothpaste or the Extreme Whitening Oral Kit


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Being affordable and accessible, Dr. Brite’s products come free of the harsh and potentially harmful chemicals that many commercially available products contain, and even the whitening toothpaste works to give you a brighter smile without causing tooth sensitivity or other discomforts. 

When it comes to choosing the toothpaste that is best for your needs and concerns, cost, amount of product, flavor, and ingredients may all be factors that you take into consideration, and it is especially important to check the ingredient list if you have specific allergies, intolerances, or aversions to ingredients commonly used in oral care products. Especially if you are concerned about ingredients such as sulfates or parabens, checking the ingredient list is a great way to ensure that no unwanted ingredients are finding their way into your oral health products. 

With Dr. Brite, however, this is not a concern- our oral care products are free of ingredients like these, meaning you can rest assured that you are getting healthy, safe, and effective oral care products at affordable prices. Plus, Dr. Brite offers a variety of flavor options for toothpaste and other products, so your preferences can be met. 

Overall, Dr. Brite’s hydroxyapatite toothpaste options are versatile, multifaceted, and effective, and if you are seeking a trustworthy and affordable toothpaste option, Dr. Brite certainly has you covered. 

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for a toothpaste that will work to remineralize your teeth, prevent cavities, and help ward off cavities that are already forming, a toothpaste containing hydroxyapatite might be just the thing for you. In fact, your enamel almost entirely consists of hydroxyapatite, as this mineral composes 96% of your tooth enamel. Studies have also found thathydroxyapatite toothpaste may be just as effective as fluoride toothpaste in terms of remineralizing your teeth.

That said, there is plenty of toothpaste with this ingredient widely available today, and it can be tough to figure out which products are worthwhile and which ones you might want to avoid. This compilation includes seven of the best hydroxyapatite toothpaste options that are commercially available, and why they may or may not be the right choice for you. 

When it comes to price, flavor choices, amount of product, and consistency, Dr. Brite’s hydroxyapatite toothpaste are highly affordable options that are the traditional toothpaste consistency you know and love. 


1. What contains hydroxyapatite?

The mineral hydroxyapatite is present in bone and teeth; bone is composed largely of HA crystals interspersed with a collagen matrix. Between 65 and 70% of the mass of bone is composed of HA crystals. Likewise, HA makes up approximately 70-80% of the bulk of enamel and dentin in teeth. Enamel is composed of amelogenins and enamels rather than collagen.

2. Is hydroxyapatite safe in toothpaste?

In toothpaste, hydroxyapatite helps to remineralize (rebuild) tooth structure without causing any adverse effects. The consequence of tooth decay is tooth death if remineralization exceeds demineralization.

3. Is hydroxyapatite safer than fluoride?

While fluoride is toxic, n-HA is not. In contrast to fluoride, it is bioavailable and occurs naturally. However, it is okay to swallow toothpaste that contains n-HA instead of fluoride.


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