10 Brilliant Winter Cleaning Tips | To Keep Your Home Sparkling Clean and Healthy

Did you know your indoor air is five times more polluted than your outdoor air during winter? Your home gathers a lot of dirt during the dusty summer days, resulting in polluted indoor air.

To prepare for the upcoming cold days, you might need winter cleaning tips to make your cleaning easy and organized.   

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So, do you love spending your winter days indoors while curled under a blanket? If yes, the cold days could be more enjoyable if you keep the house sparkling clean and smelling fresh. To achieve the ideal winter environment, get on top of your game with these simple cleaning tips and make your home clean and cozy. 

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  • Declutter
  • Decluttering is one of the best winter cleaning tops. Note, cleaning an over-cluttered room can take up so much time. Items lying around items are obstacles that will slow you down and make your cleaning much harder. 

    So, before cleaning, please take 10 minutes and place all the items lying around in their right places or give away those you no longer need. Once organized, it will be easier to clean every corner. 

    a person sorting the clothes

  • Prepare your door entrance
  • Spending some time outdoors is enough to make the house dirty. How? Your shoes are likely to carry dirt. But you can prevent a muddy floor if you place an outdoor mat on the entrance. An outdoor mat aids anyone entering the house to brush off their shoes and get rid of mud and dirt.

    Placing an outdoor shoe brush is also advisable. An outdoor mat may only remove the dirt underneath your shoes but not the edges. So, an outdoor shoe brush is ideal as you, your family, and guests can get rid of additional mud and dirt on the shoes. 

    Have an indoor mat. It may sound a bit excessive, but having an indoor mat wouldn't hurt. The mat traps stubborn dirt that may have skipped an outdoor mat and shoe brush. To ensure your mats and shoe brush serve their purpose, replace them once the bristles are worn out.

    a home entrance

    Also, have an umbrella holder. After spending time outdoors, you are likely to return home with a soggy umbrella. The umbrella may leave traces of water behind as you enter the room. To avoid messing up your floor, have an umbrella holder ready for winter.

    You can also place a shoe rack at the entrance. A shoe rack acts as a polite reminder to your guests to remove their shoes before entering the room. Also, it keeps your visitor's shoes organized.  

  • Wash your curtains

    Your curtains must have accumulated dust during summer. Keeping them on during winter will be an easy way of contaminating your indoor air. When removing them, do so gently, avoid shaking off the dirt, and wash them immediately. We highly recommend amultipurpose cleaner from Dr. Brite for your curtains. The alcohol-based product gives a powerful clean and kills germs on the fabrics.

    a woman by the window with brown curtains


  • Disinfect your hands
  • Usually, a large population gets theflu virus during winter and now the situation is even worse with the coronavirus. Doctors say that we spend a lot of time in close contact and transmit the virus quickly. For instance, most people prefer using public means to mist their car windows. 

    Therefore, breathing next to each other in a crowded commuter train is a perfect environment for spreading the virus. Also, it is inevitable to touch contaminated surfaces and pass the virus from your hands to the nose or mouth during your outdoor activities. 

    In this regard, disinfecting your hands more often is paramount since you do not want to bring home disease-causing germs. But if you are in a place with no access to water, ensure you carrysanitizing wipes orhand sanitizers from Dr. Brite (see also these scented sanitizing wipes). 

    The two products have alcohol, a perfect ingredient for killing germs and bacteria. They are also easy to carry since they fit perfectly in your backpack. 

    a person with hands sanitizer


  • Trace hiding germs
  • There are areas in our homes we rarely clean that end up being the breeding site for germs and bacteria. Areas such as the door, handles, taps, laptops, phones, keys, and remote control can host germs for a long time if not cleaned regularly. To ensure all the germs are eliminated, use an antiseptic product - see bleach free cleaners - capable of disinfecting surfaces. 

    We highly recommendantiseptic rubbing alcohol from Dr. Brite. The product is lethal to germs due to its carefully formulated ingredients such as alcohol. 

    a person cleaning the door with sanitizer


  • Clean your carpet
  • Carpets and rugs collect a lot of derbies and require regular cleaning. Similarly, dirty carpets host bedbugs, dust mites, orcarpet beetles. Dust mites cause allergy, while bedbugs bite and suck blood.  On the other hand, carpet beetles destroy animal-based fabrics and cause skin irritation. 

    Once they invade your home, you will likely find them on your beddings and furniture. So, to enjoy a delightful candling moment, ensure your carpet is clean and free from bugs.  

    Also, if you own a pet, invest in a pet vacuum cleaner. You see, pets shed hairs, get stuck on the carpet, upholstered furniture, and rugs, and get into the air we breathe if not eliminated. Luckily, a vacuum machine picks up dirt to the tiniest particle and leaves your carpet clean and safe from bugs. 

    a person vacuuming the carpet whit a dog on it


  • Wash the blankets and pillows
  • Ensure your blankets and pillows are clean if you love spending your winter days in bed. As mentioned earlier, bugs love beddings due to their warmth and safety. Imagine having to share your beddings with blood-sucking bugs? It's not only annoying but can deny you peace of mind. 

    So, put your blanket and pillows in a washing machine and use the right detergent. Dr. Brite has a  multi-purpose cleaner ideal for leaving your beddings sparkling clean and sanitized. 

    a woman holding clean blankets and pillows


  • Clean the kitchen
  • Your kitchen drawers and cabinets collect dust too during summer. To prepare for winter, wipe the surfaces with rubbing alcohol from Dr. Brite and organize the pastry.  

    While at it, ensure you clean your oven too. Once winter knocks in, you will rarely open your kitchen windows. So, clean your oven thoroughly and get rid of strong cooking odors. Rubbing alcohol is also suitable when cleaning the oven and dishes as it does not leave a greasy residue. 

    a person cleaning the kitchen

  • Check your winter appliances
  • If you use a generator, humidifier, pellet stove, or air conditioner, ensure they function before the onset of winter. These appliances come in handy, and it is disheartening to realize they no longer function when you need them most. Consult a professional if any repairs are needed to avoid accelerating the problem. 

    winter cleaning

  • Organize your closet

    The hot and sunny season is gone, and so it's time to put away the bikini and summer clothes. Gather your winter clothes and wash them(they must have accumulated a lot of dirt). According to your preference, organize the well-dried clothes in the closet. Declutter those you no longer need and buy new ones(you need enough warm clothing for winter). 

    sorted winter clothes


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    The Final Word

    If you plan to spend your winter hibernating, you might want to do a thorough cleaning by applying the mentioned winter cleaning tips. Make your space cozy by cleaning the carpet, kitchen, curtains, floors and wiping all the surfaces.  Do not forget to plan and purchase a vacuum cleaner if you own a pet. 

    During winter, ensure you maintain hand hygiene, avoid overcrowded places, and protect yourself and your loved ones from flu infections. Also, buy cleaning products that are safe and effective in killing germs.  


    1. What should you clean in the winter?

    In the winter, it is important to clean your windows and glass doors. The cold air can cause them to become foggy and dirty. It also helps to remove any condensation that has built up on them from humidity in the air. Use a squeegee or paper towel with water to wipe away any excess dirt or grime on the surface of the window. In the winter, it is important to clean your windows and glass doors. The cold air can cause them to become foggy.

    2. Is winter cleaning a thing?

    Cleaning out those neglected places and getting rid of any unused items and rubbish that may have gathered during the year are both ideal during the winter cleaning season. Cleansing and de-cluttering should be done at the same time, as this will save you time and make the process much easier to complete.

    3. What should you clean before winter?

    It is important to clean the outside of your windows and screens before winter. This will help prevent ice from forming on them during cold weather. You should also check for any leaks or cracks in your roof, as these can lead to a wet and drafty home.

    4. What supplies do I need to deep clean a house?

    You will need the following supplies to deep clean a house: - A bucket with water, soap, and cleaning solution. - Cleaning cloths or sponges. - A vacuum cleaner. - Rubber gloves for protection against chemicals. - Brushes or scrubbing pads for removing tough stains from surfaces like sinks, toilets, and bathtubs. - Toilet bowl cleaner if you have any issues with mold in your toilet bowl.

    5. How do you make your house look and feel clean at all times?

    To make your house look and feel clean at all times, you should start with the floors. You can sweep or vacuum them daily to remove any dirt or dust that has accumulated. If there are spills, you should try to clean them up as quickly as possible so they don’t stain the floor. For cleaning hardwood floors, mix 1/2 cup of white vinegar in a bucket of warm water and then mop it on the floor using a microfiber cloth.