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What Other's Are Saying about Dr. Brite

Our team at Dr. Brite likes to think our products are awesome. But hey, we could just be a bit biased. If you haven't tried Dr. Brite yet, don't take our word for it! Hear the real-life reviews from real-life people!

Now, if you have tried any Dr. Brite product, please leave us your reviews on our website. We would love to know your opinions about our products, what we could do better, or even suggest what new product we should add to our product line.

Tory Burch Explains What She Loves About Our Products


Skip to the 1:32 minute mark and hear Tory Burch, the ambitious and iconic fashion designer, talk about our co-founder, Dr. Paris Sabo and what Ms. Burch appreciates about Dr. Brite products. Of course our favorite point is at 2:47 when she says "I love her products," when referring to Dr. Brite's oral care.

If you're new to Dr. Brite, our co-founder and breast cancer surgeon, Dr. Paris Sabo, recently won the 2017 Pitch Competition from the Tory Burch Foundation. This win has opened new doors for Dr. Brite as a small business and we are grateful for this opportunity. 

So, if you're a woman who owns a majority of a small business and who would like to grow your business, apply to the 2018 Pitch Competition from the Tory Burch Foundation!

Just the Brite Truth from JustPlainZack


We recently had the pleasure to meet Zack in-person at the Love Beauty Wellness Festival in Los Angeles this past July and we can only see big things in the future for him. He recently switched over to more natural, nontoxic products and has quickly fallen in love with Dr. Brite.

Zack Peter, or @justplainzack as you may know him, is a writer, comedian, health activist, advocate for autism and host of the podcast #NoFilter With Zack Peter.

You can find Zack online, on Facebook, on Twitter, on Instagram, on YouTube, and on his #NoFilter With Zack Peter Podcast. 

Fern Olivia Chats About Dr. Brite


We also met Fern in-person at the Love Beauty Wellness Festival in Los Angeles and her energy was simply contagious!

Fern Olivia Langham (@fernolivia) is a lifestyle influencer, speaker, writer, and founder of Thyroid Yoga® & Ajai Alchemy. Through her own journey recovering from Hashimoto's hypothyroidism, Fern has an extensive knowledge of yoga, meditation, breath work, mantra, holistic health, and plant-based alchemy. 

You can find Fern online on her website, on Facebook, on Instagram, and on YouTube

Dr. Brite is Loved by Pharamcists, Doctors and, of course, Dentists


If you didn't know, Dr. Brite calls Southern California its home and more specifically we make our products in the city of Irvine.

Just a short drive away in Huntington Beach, CA is Quinn's Apothecary Pharmacy where you can buy Dr. Brite in-store! Paideia Le is a Clinical Pharmacist there and she's been using Dr. Brite's Whitening Toothpaste for the past few months. Spoiler alert: Paideia loves our toothpaste!

Find Quinn's Apothecary Pharmacy online on their website, on Facebook, and on Instagram.

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