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How Much To Spend On A Wedding Gift: Gift Giving Etiquette

When it comes to weddings, the guests are often expected to bring a gift for the newly married couple. However, you always want to only spend what you can afford. If you want to know more about wedding gift giving etiquette, be sure to keep reading.

With how important cleaning and disinfecting is today, giving the happy couple a quality set of cleaning products can be a great way to show you care. Or,a pack of hand sanitizer that is strong enough to kill germs and viruses is another great option. You might want to give them out early for guests to use at the reception.

Every family and couple is different, so this advice might vary. You will want to think of the gift as a nice gesture to show how happy you are for the couple to start their life together. That will help you pick out something that will mean a lot to them.

Overall though, this is what you can expect to spend when buying a wedding gift.

What Does Tradition Say?

If you want to follow traditional etiquette, then you will want to spend on theestimated cost of the reception. For example, if you think the couple is spending about $100 on every guest at their wedding, then be sure that your gift is $100.

This can be hard to determine on your own, so guessing is alright. If the traditional amount is over what you can afford- that is alright! Most couples do not expect their guests to follow this tradition today. Especially if you are already paying a lot to attend.

Weddings tend to cost more than the couple expects, on a national average. You may want to set your budget with that in mind when going with this traditional method.

How Close Are You to the Couple?

If you are the plus-one, you are not expected to put as much money into the gift (unless you are close to the couple in some way). 

The average amount spent on a gift is between $75 and $100, which is a good base. You can use that as a jumping off point. So, if you are not as close to the couple, spending less is alright.

On the other hand, if you are closer to the couple, then you might want to spend more than that base amount. $150 can be good, or $200 if you and your plus-one are both close to them.

Do Not be Scared to Spend Less  

You can also limit your budget to what is more affordable for you. The couple will understand if it cost you a lot to travel to their wedding- and they are sure to appreciate that. They invited you because they want you to be there with them, so make sure that you can go, even if that means spending a lot less on a gift.

If you have spent a lot of time planning the wedding and helping out, then you might not be expected to bring a gift. If you are offering a lot of your time, the couple will be sure to appreciate it.

Think About the Cost to Attend 

Did you need to book a hotel room and maybe even a flight? If you did, then you will want to consider lowering the budget for the gift.If you are paying to come, then the couple is likely aware of this. This is especially true if they know you live far away.

If the cost to attend for you is high, then you can lower the amount you put towards the gift without feeling guilty. The couple is going to appreciate that you came and enjoyed the wedding over you coming and bringing a gift.

Need a Quick Gift Idea? 

Like we mentioned earlier, everyone needs hand sanitizer these days. Dr. Brite offerscustom hand sanitizers, so you could design a bottle for the couple! We are sure that they would appreciate the thoughtful gift.

Our hand sanitizer is made with moisturizing aloe, contains no harsh chemical or methanol, and most importantly- never runs out of stock. You can be confident that your hands are clean and disinfected everytime that you use a pump from these custom designed bottles.

Another idea would be a set of ourVariety Pack: Alcohol Wipes & Soap. Castile soap has many different uses that you can read about on our blog. The multi-purpose alcohol wipes are also great for use when the couple goes out. For instance, they could bring them to grocery stores, work, or even the gym.

How Long Do You Have to Give the Gift?

According to etiquette you have three months to give the couple the gift after the wedding day is over. So, if you can not afford a gift now, do not worry. You can send one their way afterward, without it being awkward. 

You can mail the gift to the couple before the wedding too, if you want. If that is your plan, then you will want to do it a week or two before the day of the wedding.

If you are sending the couple a gift later, be sure to make it meaningful! Adding a card with a personalized note would be a great touch.

Gift Giving Tips 

Always check the couple’s wedding registry. The registry is used to make things easier for guests who are unsure of what they want to bring to the wedding. The items listed are typically what the couple will need to start their life together. You might see a lot of kitchen and bathroom products.

Realize that you are not obligated to buy only from the registry. You can send them any gift that you think they will enjoy. Giving them money is also acceptable in modern weddings.

If you are attending multiple events, you could split up the amount you plan to spend. For example, you could spend 20% on the engagement gift, 20% on the shower gift, and 60% on a wedding gift. Or, you could split the amounts up however you would like- as long as the wedding gift receives the most funds put towards it.

Finally,if you are bringing a dateor plus-one with you to the wedding, you might want to put a little bit more towards the gift. This is because your extra guest will be eating and drinking as well. You can ask them if they would also like to put a little bit of money towards the gift before you decide on what you want to get.


There is a lot to consider when buying a gift for a newly married couple. You will want to be sure that it is something they will get a lot of use out of. You can check their registry or buy them a product with many uses, such as castile soaps

Overall, the couple will be happy that you attended. That can take some of the stress out of thinking that you need to get them the perfect gift- they will appreciate your presence and support at the wedding much more than a gift.

If you have any questions or want help picking the perfect wedding gift, Dr. Brite can help. We have a wide selection of natural, quality products that the couple will be sure to make use of around their house.