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Castile Soap Uses: 20 Ways To Use Castile Soap

Castile soap is a relatively unique variety of soap made with vegetable oils instead of harsh chemical ingredients. It’s becoming more popular since it’s environmentally friendly, just as effective as regular soap products, and is also very affordable.

But castile soap is also a great choice since you can use it for far more things than just cleaning the dishes. Let’s take at some lesser known uses for castile soap.

Body Wash

Of course, the inherently gentle nature of castile soap makes it a great choice as an all-natural body wash. Feel free to use this if your skin is normally pretty sensitive or otherwise gets dried out too quickly from regular bar soaps and skin conditioners.


Similarly, you can easily use castile soap as an effective shampoo product. Simply mix a little castile soap with warm water and you’ll be able to scrub your hair free of bacteria and dirt without stripping away too many healthy oils. This, again, is great if you have dry skin normally and frequently suffer from hair dandruff, as the castile soap isn't as likely to make your hair too dry for comfort. Combine your castile soap with a good hair conditioner afterward for excellent results.

Vegetable Rinse

Since castile soap is completely harmless, you can easily use this to rinse away dirt and bugs from your vegetables and fruits. This makes it a perfect soap product for folks who like to harvest their own produce from their gardens. Be sure to rinse away all the castile soap using water, but otherwise it’s a great vegetable cleaning solution.

Pet Shampoo

Just like with human hair, you should feel free to use castile soap with pet hair as well! Since it’s biodegradable and isn’t toxic if it’s consumed in small amounts, you can easily use this to wash your cat or dog. Even if they lick their fur afterward, they won’t accidentally get poisoned from the castile soap or experience any negative side effects.

Laundry Detergent

You can use castile soap to make a capable laundry detergent. Combine the castile soap with about half a cup of vinegar and you’ll be able to thoroughly wash any of your clothes and get rid of stains or ingrained dirt without being too harsh on your fabrics. It’s a particularly good choice if you have old clothes that might fall apart if you use a traditional, harsh laundry detergent or baking soda. Plus, castile soap is better for the environment when it gets rinsed away!

Bug Spray

Did you know you can make a bug spray out of castile soap? To do this, combine water with castile soap and add a little cayenne pepper or another harsh and spicy seasoning. Then put the mix into a spray bottle and squirt down any of the plants currently under attack by pests and bugs. The spices and soap won’t harm the plants, but they will form a protective and spicy cover that stops them from getting eaten.

House Cleaner

Since castile soap is so cleansing, you should feel free to use it as an all-around house cleanser. It’s not particularly harsh, so you should be able to use it on wood, tile, and practically any other housing surface in your home. As before, combine warm water with some castile soap (usually less than a cup does the trick for a full bottle) and you’ll be able to keep your home clean over the long-term.

Floor Cleaner

Add a little more castile soap to a bucket of warm water (closer to two cups or so) to make an excellent floor cleaner you can use with a mop to clean up your tile or linoleum floors. You can also use this for wood, though you may want to go over with a polishing solution or wood finish after the fact as normal. Still, it’s just another way that castile soap shows its versatility.

Makeup Brush Cleaner

Remember, castile soap is oil-based. This makes it particularly good at getting rid of oily products. Most makeup products are oily by their very nature. This means you should feel free to scrub a little castile soap on your makeup brush to get rid of any remaining makeup and leave the brush crisp and clean for your next makeup session.

Makeup Remover

By the same token, you can use castile soap to get rid of any makeup on your face without having to use a harsh cleanser that overly dries out your pores. This could make it a great choice for those who have dry skin most of the time but who don’t have too much trouble with oily facial care products. However, we’d recommend using a good toner product after using a castile soap makeup remover if you have oily skin on average.

Shaving Cream

Run out of shaving cream? It’s not a problem as long as you have a little castile soap. You only need to use a few squirts of a regular bottle. Be sure to heat up your razor and use hot water to open up the pores of your skin. Then rub the castile soap onto your skin to make sure your razor glides over the surface of your skin without leaving you with nicks or cuts. Since castile soap is made with oils, it shouldn’t dry out your skin either.

Window Cleaner

Castile soap doesn’t usually leave smears or streaks, even on shiny or transparent services. This makes it a great choice as a window or glass cleaner. As with the bug spray above, just combine a little castile soap with warm water in a spray bottle and you’ll be set.

Foot Scrub

Want something that doesn’t dry out the skin of your feet? Try making a castile soap rub by combining the soap with water and perhaps a little bit of essential oil (properly diluted with carrier oils, that is). Your feet will feel comforted and cleaned, and they’ll even smell a lot better than usual, too!

Toilet Cleaner

Since castile soap is tough enough to take care of most types of bacteria and dirt, you can use it as a versatile toilet cleaner. We’d recommend combining it with plenty of water and a dedicated toilet scrub brush to prevent bacteria from sticking around for too long.

Sinus Cleanser

Choose a castile soap and mix it with a few essential oils to make a sinus cleanser. Just fill a bowl with hot water, add a few pumps of soap, and you can inhale the steam to clear up your nasal passages.

Carpet Cleaner

Just like with hair, castile soap is gentle enough to be used with carpet without stripping away the color from the fabric. But it can also get rid of oils and stains pretty capably if you combine it with a good sponge.

Car Wash

Feel free to use castile soap as a car wash product, particularly for the interior materials of your vehicle, like vinyl, leather, or fabric.

Baby Wash

Again, castile soap is very gentle on the skin, making it a perfect solution for babies’ skin, which tends to be softer and more irritable than our own. Be sure to only use a little soap – babies aren’t very big, so they don’t need a lot of soap to get fully clean.

Foaming Hand Scrub

You can use castile soap as a foaming hand soap by mixing castile soap with a few essential oils and a foaming soap bottle. In some cases, just shaking the mix is enough to make a bubbly, foaming solution that’s perfect for keeping your hands sanitized and thoroughly washed at all times.


Lastly, you can use castile soap as an emergency toothpaste product. That’s because it kills germs and bacteria in your mouth without damaging your teeth’s enamel. Be warned, though, that you’ll need to combine it with peppermint oil unless you can stomach the soapy taste!


All in all, castile soap is as versatile as it is valuable. Be sure to check out Dr. Brite’s collection of excellent castile soap products to get started and bring this environmentally friendly, soothing, and cleansing solution to your home.


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