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Everything you need to know about mouthwash:

As a U.S. trained dentist, all I was taught in dental school is that mouthwash is a great adjunct to toothpaste to he...

Do I need a foaming toothpaste? The side effects of SLS

What is a low foaming toothpaste and why is it good for me? Since childhood we’ve been associating “clean” with foam....

Xylitol in Toothpaste

What is xylitol you may ask and what is all the hype? According to a 2017 article by California Dental Association, x...

Top 4 ingredients to avoid in your daily toothpaste

Have you ever read the label of your toothpaste to see its ingredients? If you are a Dr. Brite customer, you’ve more ...

Best Whitening Toothpaste

What to look for in a whitening toothpaste  As a dentist I regularly get asked what is the BEST whitening toothpaste ...

Is Fluoride Toothpaste Dangerous?

As a dentist I get this question a lot. I went to University of the Pacific in San Francisco, CA which is one of the ...

How a Synergy of Natural Ingredients Helps Your Smile

What’s more important than natural ingredients? How these ingredients interact with each other to help provide effective and gentle results. Learn more about our synergistically blended oral care formulas.

Natural Ingredients for Whiter Teeth

With consistent use of these whitening agents with natural ingredients you can achieve a healthier mouth and noticeably brighter smile - without the help of a photo filter.
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