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Start the New Year with Non-Toxic Toothpaste

Start the New Year with Non-Toxic Toothpaste

Publish date:     Author: with insights from Pooneh Ram, DDS and Dr. Paris Sabo
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Why not start 2017 off right by trying to live a more non-toxic lifestyle?

If switching to a non-toxic way of life seems a bit overwhelming, keep in mind that making a few small changes will certainly make a difference. Living free of toxins is not only safer for you and your family, but it’s also better for the environment as well.

We suggest you start by swapping out your toothpaste and mouthwash for natural, non-toxic alternatives. The commercial brand oral care products that you put in your mouth every single day are formulated with many harmful chemicals such as triclosan and titanium dioxide. Yikes! 

Before you finish your oral care products, find non-toxic substitutes that meet your needs. This way you won't purchase the same toxic toothpaste out of desperation, because you didn't have the time to find a new one.

Searching for non-toxic toothpaste and mouthwash is easier than ever with amazing resources like the Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep database. This is a searchable index of of toxic ingredients found in cosmetic and personal care products. You may notice that Dr. Brite is EWG verified, which means we meet their strict criteria for transparency and healthfulness. Read more about our verification and commitment to safe ingredients

How to Keep Your Resolutions

We all make new year’s resolutions, but many of us are not likely to follow through. Changing your lifestyle patterns can be difficult, so finding a way to stick with your goals is important when it benefits your oral health.

  • Go at your own pace. Start by making small changes when selecting non-toxic alternatives to everyday products.
  • Seek Social Support. Going non-toxic with family and friends will make it easier to live a toxic-free life.
  • Acknowledge that you’re going to make mistakes. When you’re getting used to new lifestyle changes don’t give up after one mishap. You can do this!
  •  Stay informed. Be familiar about toxic ingredients and products by reading the latest research.

Happy New Year! 

The Dr. Brite team would like to wish you and your family a very happy and healthy new year! 2016 was an incredible year for our small, but growing company and we are so grateful for all of our loyal customers! We have so many exciting things in store for 2017 and hope you continue to join us in our journey!

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