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Must Haves to Stop & Prevent Painful Gums

Gum pain isn’t something that you can easily ignore like a paper cut. It can be so intense that it could possibly throw off your entire day.

Thankfully, there are ways that can halt your gum pain and it prevent it in the future. At Dr. Brite, we take your health seriously, which is why you should know all of your options with it comes to soothing your gums.

In this article, you’ll learn the five must-have, oral remedies to stop gum pain in its tracks with natural and organic ingredients. Here’s what we’ll be discussing:

  1. Dr. Brite’s Soothe & Restore Oral Spray
  2. Tea Tree Oil
  3. Vitamin C in Dr. Brite’s Mouthwashes
  4. Salt Water Rinse
  5. Cold Compress

You may be familiar with these holistic gum pain remedies and you may learn a new trick to save up your sleeve. So, let’s get started!

1. Dr. Brite’s Soothe & Restore Oral Spray Spritzes Away Gum Pain

Our list includes a few DIY tips to relieve irritated gums, but we realize that sometimes we want a product that makes our lives easier. Enter Dr. Brite’s Soothe & Restore Oral Spray.

Formulated with natural and organic ingredients like organic coconut oil, organic aloe vera, and organic clove oil, this handy spray is a convenient way to treat your gums while also banishing bad breath. This oral spray quickly leaves the mouth with a cooling sensation that actually has a slight herbal, but refreshing taste.

Each ingredient in our Soothe & Restore Oral Spray was chosen specifically by our sister-doctor founders to work harmoniously together so that gum pain relief can be instant.

2. Tea Tree Oil Not Only Treats Teeth

Native to Australia, the leaves of the Melaleuca tree is where tea tree oil is extracted. Tea tree oil has antibacterial and antifungal properties that can not only help prevent tooth decay, but it can also soothe irritated gums.

If you have tea tree oil at home, you can apply a drop or two and gently massage the irritated gum area for instant relief. But be warned, tea tree oil may taste incredibly strong and medicinal to some people, so keep this in mind when using this essential oil on your gums.

3. See the Difference With Vitamin C in Dr. Brite’s Mouthwashes

Your body needs essential nutrients and vitamins to help heal itself and vitamin C is no exception. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that actually helps the body grow, repair, and heal itself.

You can harness the power of vitamin C with Dr. Brite’s Cleansing Mouthwash or our Kid’s Mouthwash without the harsh sting of alcohol. In fact, we actually include organic aloe vera juice and organic coconut oil in our mouthwashes to help soothe, nourish, and provide an extra layer of protection against gum inflammation.

4. Swish Around Salt Water

Remember when you had a baby tooth pulled and your parents told you to gargle salt water afterwards? This same trick can help gum pain!

Simpy add ½ teaspoon of salt to a glass of lukewarm water and use it to thoroughly rinse your mouth twice daily until the pain or swelling subsides. Salt naturally promotes healing and it can slow down the growth of bacteria. Be sure to not swallow the saltwater because it’s probably not the best taste in the world.

5. Grab That Bag of Peas. Cold Compresses Can Help

There is some truth that you can take away from all of those TV shows and movies where someone gets a black eye. Using a cold compress, whether it be a bag of ice or maybe a bag of frozen food can temporarily help with gum pain.

Use a thin towel and wrap an ice pack or a frozen bag of peas and apply until the area feels numb. The cold can help reduce swelling and pain by constricting the blood vessels in your gums.