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What's In Your Wipes?

Disinfecting surfaces has become a part of our daily lives.

The reason we would need to use disinfecting wipes is because we want to kill germs and bacteria. The chemicals in common wipes not only remove germs, but actually kill them. Sounds intense? It is. And unfortunately, those same chemicals can cause bad reactions when they come into contact with our skin.

These disinfectant chemicals can trigger asthma, allergies and can even create other health concerns. Although the EPA monitors pesticides in these products, that is no guarantee of safety. Unfortunately, many of the Name Brands contain these harmful chemicals.

We break down what chemicals to stay away from when choosing a surface cleaner or wipe to protect you and your family.

Harmful ingredients in Name Brand wipes

In the meantime, to help stop the spread of germs, wash hands often with warm soap and water and use an alcohol-based surface cleaner. Dr.Brite only uses safe, but effective, ingredients in our disinfecting wipes. Sanitize and disinfect hands and surfaces without the dangerous chemicals!

As always, encourage good hygiene habits in your home to help keep you and your family healthy all year round.

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