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Why Try Dr. Brite Toothpaste?

Our Dr. Brite co-founders used their unique dentistry and PHD in treatment-research respective backgrounds to create a toothpaste that can help end dry mouth and soothe gums while still whitening teeth to capture the brightest smile imagined.

Of course, the real challenge was the commitment of Dr. Pooneh Ramezani (DDS) and Dr. Paris Sabo (MD) to only include high quality, responsibly-sourced, botanical ingredients that have repeatedly shown to offer sincere oral care benefits.

The effort to create the best toothpaste with natural and organic ingredients was intensive.  Formulations started in 2015 and continued in the following year before having a product ready for everyone to start brushing with in 2016. Since launching those first tubes sold in 2016, the Dr. Brite toothpaste has led the company to winning the Burt’s Bees Launchpad and The Tory Burch Foundation Fellows international competition.

And more importantly, there are now countless advocates around the world who proclaim that they will only use toothpaste and mouthwash made by Dr. Brite. To make things short, here are 4 reasons why Dr. Brite toothpaste is truly special.

The 4 Reasons You Should Try Dr. Brite Toothpaste

1. You Need Sincere Care Results and Only Want Them in a More Natural Way

    Maybe you’ve made the clean swap in your life and you’ve ditched personal care products filled with harsh, toxic ingredients. True and sincere natural toothpastes can be difficult to find until now. 

    Dr. Brite is fiercely committed to avoiding cheap, synthetic chemicals that may have potential health risks. In both our toothpaste and oral products, you’ll never find nasty, toxic chemicals like triclosan, carrageenan, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), fluoride, propylene glycol, titanium dioxide and aspartame.

    Instead, you’ll find soothing ingredients you can recognize. Ingredients like organic coconut oil, organic green tea extract, organic neem oil, and vitamin C are just a few powerhouses we include in our toothpaste formulas for a healthy clean. 

    2. Whiter Teeth are Important to You and You Have Sensitivity to Harsh Chemicals 

      But what if I have a sensitive mouth and I want whiter teeth? Dr. Brite toothpastes have got you covered. We  include activated white charcoal in both our Whitening Mint Toothpaste and Kid’s Strawberry Sky Toothpaste that can gently polish away surface stains. At Dr. Brite, we only use white activated charcoal so that our formulas have a familiar and attractive off-white color.

      3. You're Committed to a Healthy Lifestyle and Being in Tune with Your Body

        Having healthy products is a win for your body and the environment, but it’s safe to say that we don’t want products to taste or smell like dirt. And you won’t have to worry about this with Dr. Brite!

        Dr. Brite toothpaste formulas are balanced with other ingredients including organic spearmint, organic strawberry extract, and other sweeteners to offset the activated charcoal we use. That means you’ll feel no grit and you won’t experience an ashy taste.

        In fact, the yummy taste of our toothpaste is big reason why people love our toothpaste formulas!

        4. You Support Brands Committed to Equality and Transparency

          As a small, women owned business, you can expect extra love and care goes into every Dr. Brite product. This extra love and care can also be found in our business as a whole. Not only do we immensely value creating affordable oral care options, we sincerely care about creating a sustainable work environment where everyone thrives.

          This actually led us to becoming a Certified B Corp. Being a Certified B Corp means we’re more than just about sales. We practice what we preach. That means we make an effort to use eco-friendly practices, we provide ethical treatment of workers and we support equal opportunities for all employees.

          And if you have any questions about us as a business and our practices, feel free to send us an email at! We’re all about transparency and we’ll gladly answer any questions or concerns you may have.

          We hope this blog article helped you in your quest to find a truly safe toothpaste with natural and organic ingredients. Like we mentioned above, feel free to reach out by sending a quick email or contact us through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. And if you’re looking to try our toothpaste, check out the giveaway and sale we’re having down below!