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What Are You Looking For in Natural Oral Care?

by David Schell

If you’re new to our Be Natural blog, hello and welcome! And hello to all of our returning readers!

In this blog article, we’ll be addressing any deep down hesitations that can occur when mentioning a natural oral care routine. We’ve been in your very same shoes, and we’re here to help guide you. You’ll learn how:

  • Safe natural ingredients can be effective
  • The flavors you know and love taste even better
  • Choosing quality products means choosing a better quality life
  • Natural products were once scarce but not anymore
  • Old habits can be tough to change, but you don’t have anything to lose

Safe, Natural Ingredients Can Still Be Effective

Let’s begin with the thought of how many times you brush your teeth. Typically, you brush your teeth at least twice a day every day. Otherwise, you probably wouldn’t have teeth for long.

But in all seriousness, the frequency of your brushing means your mouth is being exposed to all types of ingredients that may or not be actually good for your health.

We made the conscious decision to make oral care products with truly natural ingredients that are completely safe-to-swallow. But more than that, we choose our natural ingredients carefully so that they work to help boost your oral health while still leaving your smile feeling clean and fresh. Here’s a little bit more about the benefits of the natural ingredients we use:

  • Organic coconut oil helps neutralize bad breath while also providing gentle teeth whitening.
  • Vitamin C helps promote gum health by speeding up the healing process
  • White activated charcoal helps to whiten teeth without creating a dark mess in your sink or causing darkened gums

The Flavors You Know and Love Taste Even Better When It’s Natural

Making the switch to natural oral care doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice a minty fresh feeling. It’s actually the opposite. When you choose natural oral care, you won’t be getting artificial flavors, sweeteners or colors.

And that’s exactly what we do at Dr. Brite. We only use pure organic extracts like exhilarating spearmint for a classic and cool minty taste that leaves a fresh clean feeling. Another organic flavor we have comes from strawberry extract that has a true yummy fruity taste smiles both little and big can enjoy!

Choosing Quality Products Means You’re Choosing a Better Quality Life

Because truly naturally-formulated products contain high quality ingredients, this often means that they can be expensive. We want to change this.

We now have new lower prices to help make our natural oral care products more affordable because we believe everyone has a right to better products that are safe and effective.

Natural Products Were Once Scarce But Not Anymore

Until recently, natural products were once hard to find. But thanks to the Internet’s awesome ability to connect us all, natural products are easier to find and their popularity is growing every year! And to make things even easier, we recently revamped our website so that finding the products you really need or you are interested in is a breeze. On www.drbrite.com, you can now shop by product categories, conditions, or by ingredients.

Old Habits Can Be Tough to Change, But You Don’t Have Anything to Lose

You may be familiar with the saying “if it’s not broken, why fix it?” We want to let you know that trying our natural toothpastes, mouthwashes, teeth whitening pens, and oral sprays comes with a 100% Happiness Guarantee. This means that you have 30 days to try out natural oral care goodies and if you’re not 100% happy, we’ll refund your order.

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