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Dr. Brite is Made in the USA with Love

Companies don't need approval from the Fair Trade Commission before making a Made in USA claim. As with most other advertising claims, a manufacturer or marketer may make any claim as long as it is truthful and substantiated.


USA Love List is a shopping & style site dedicated to celebrating the very BEST of American-made.

USA Love List is an online magazine and shopping site dedicated to promoting the very BEST of American made. Feel good about stuff you'll love, and TRUST.

Wagner has turned her passion for "Made in USA" products into a successful website, USA Love List, devoted to sourcing domestically produced items, ranging from apparel to pet food. She searches the aisles of big retailers, such as Costco and Target, for American-made goods.


USA Love list tells you about the best Made in USA products, makes it easy for you to find them, and encourages you to ask for them when you are out shopping.

Is buying American-made goods important to you? Why or why not? Share your thoughts below