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The Top 5 Trends at Natural Products Expo West

This year’s Natural Products Expo West gave us the opportunity to learn about natural industry trends and the movement towards making better decisions when purchasing everyday products. That said, we’re happy to share with you the top 5 trends we saw at this Expo West 2017 and why they matter.

  • Trust Through Transparency

  • Remember the old saying “there’s an app for that”? With the help of technology and instant access to information, conscious consumers are able to learn about a brand’s products, ingredients and practices with just the click of a few buttons! At Expo West, there were many nonprofit organizations (supported by brands like us) that are developing user-friendly tools, like smartphone apps, for consumers that hold brands accountable while keeping buyers informed.

  • Verified Brands

  • Have you ever compared two products but go for the one that’s got a fancy certified sticker on it? Us too. That’s because as conscious consumers we trust reliable, third-party organizations like EWG and Leaping Bunny who only approve companies that meet the highest standards of responsibility. Brands (like ours) are now packaging their products with these verified logos to help buyers easily and quickly identify products with their shared values.  

  • The Plant Revolution

  • Whether for heart health, climate change, ecological efficiency or animal welfare, plants-based diets and products are rising in popularity. If you’re not ready to switch to a vegan diet, small lifestyle changes can certainly make a difference! Start by purchasing from companies that use or support regenerative farming — a major topic at this year’s Expo West. It not only “does no harm” to the land but actually improves it, using technologies that regenerate and revitalize the soil and the environment.

  • The B Corp Revolution

  • The corporate landscape is a changin’ and now consumers are seeking out brands that are B Corp certified, or people that are using business as a force for good. More than 2,000 Certified B Corporations worldwide have met the high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability - including us. And, as part of something larger than ourselves, we hope to be among the leaders in a global movement that benefits all people and the planet.

    Innovation without Government Intervention

    There are many ways to reverse climate change, in fact so many that it can be overwhelming. We often think, I’m just one person, what can I do? But it’s not about turning lights off or driving less, it’s really about supporting organizations that help create innovative climate change solutions and buying from companies that implement these solutions into their business models and manufacturing processes.