Top 5 Teeth Whitening Tips For the Holiday Season

Plus a 5th bonus remedy for good measure

The countdown to Thanksgiving and the holiday season is officially happening! Is your smile bright and ready for family photos?

The Dr. Brite team is here to offer 5 easy teeth whitening tips to naturally brighten your smile without harsh, painful ingredients.

Top 5 Tips for Teeth Whitening Before Thanksgiving

  1. Start drinking through a straw if you drink coffee, tea, wine, green juice, or any colorful juice at the moment. This way, your front teeth won’t stain any further.
  2. Drink lots of water throughout the day to prevent any pigmented residue from building onto your teeth.
  3. Eat more crunchy, fibrous foods throughout the day. Start with apples in morning along with your breakfast. Then snack on carrots or celery in between lunch and dinner. These foods act as natural exfoliants to help prevent stains from settling.
  4. Not able to brush your teeth during the day? Swish around an alcohol-free mouthwash like Dr. Brite’s travel-size Cleansing Mouthwash or simply use water to rinse your mouth after eating.
  5. Use Dr. Brite’s Natural Teeth Whitening Pens throughout your day to reveal a naturally brite smile quickly and easily.
  6. Use both of our teeth whitening formulations as a system.
  7. Use the Peroxide-Free Teeth Whitening Pen after your brush your teeth in the morning and right before you go to bed.
  8. Use the Natural Teeth Whitening Pen with Peroxide two times in between morning and night. This can be after your first morning coffee and once more after lunch.

Our team hopes you enjoyed these tips! If you’ve tried Dr. Brite’s mouthwashes or Natural Teeth Whitening Pens, we would love to know your thoughts!

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