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Tips to Soothe Gums More Naturally

Got gum pain and want quick relief? There are natural ingredients and products you can apply to stop sore, tender and bleeding gums from being on your mind and part of your life.

If you are seeking ingredients that can immediately end gum pain, you want to know about tea tree oil, organic clove oil, vitamin C, and organic coconut oil. At Dr. Brite, we offer a proprietary blend of these holistic ingredients in our Soothe & Restore Oral Spray.

Dr. Brite’s Soothe & Restore Oral Spray immediately works to comfort inflamed gums with just a few quick and easy spritzes and a powerful, holistic formula specifically chosen by our medical professionals.

You’ll be able to exhale a relieved “Ahhh…” after using Soothe & Restore and you can finally say good riddance to gum pain of the past. Check out the video near bottom of this article.

In this article, we’ll discuss more about the reasons behind gum pain and ingredients often used to treat irritated gums and mouth sores. We’ll also share a bit more about Soothe & Restore for those ready to buy a dentist-created, gum pain solution made for home treatments.

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll learn:

  • What Causes Gum Pain
  • Which Natural, Tasty Ingredients Can Help Calm Mouth Pains
  • Why Doctors Choose Natural Ingredients to Soothe Gums
  • How to Use Soothe & Restore Oral Spray to Help Calm Painful Mouths and Gums

What Causes Gum Pain

Before talking about how can you alleviate gum pain, it’s important to pinpoint what’s causing this pain so that you can have a better understanding. Here’s just a few factors that can play a role in gum irritation:

  • Hormone changes, including pregnancy
  • Dental appliances like braces or retainers
  • Chemotherapy
  • Tobacco use
  • Medications like dilantin, phenobarbital or calcium channel blockers
  • Brushing too hard or not flossing often
  • Gingivitis: which is an infection of the tissues around your teeth

Some of these sources of gum pain can be reversed with lifestyle changes, but for sources that can’t easily be changed, there is relief with Soothe & Restore Oral Spray’s natural ingredients. Let’s learn more about this carefully chosen formula!

Which Natural, Tasty Ingredients Can Help Calm Minor Mouth Pains

Gentle and botanical ingredients are included in the Soothe & Restore Oral Spray, by Dr. Brite because they have been shown to sincerely work to quickly comfort gums. The following highlights the essential ingredients we use and you should use too for stopping gum pain:

  • Coconut Oil: contains lauric acid, which has proven antimicrobial effects and helps ease gum soreness.
  • Aloe Vera: the anti-inflammatory agents prevent the growth of plaque-causing bacteria in the mouth and soothe irritated, red or swollen gums.
  • Tea Tree Oil: a natural antiseptic that removes tartar buildup against the gums and freshens breath at the same time.
  • Vitamin C: an antioxidant that encourages blood flow to the gums and helps with the healing process.
  • Peppermint: the antibacterial benefits of mint help maintain oral health and keep your gums and teeth healthy.
  • Clove Oil: eugenol (a compound within clove oil) is an anesthetic and disinfectant that can help reduce painful gum inflammation instantly.

BTW: Don’t worry about taste! Although these ingredients come from the earth, the solution used for gum pain doesn’t have to taste like dirt. Ask anyone who has used Soothe & Restore, and they’ll tell you they love the refreshing taste.

Okay, but why were these ingredients chosen? Let’s find out!

Why Two Doctors Carefully Selected Botanical Ingredients to Soothe Gums

The creators of Soothe & Restore and Dr. Brite as a brand happen to be sisters and doctors themselves. Dr. Pooneh Ramezani, a dentist of 20 years, and Dr. Paris Sabo, a breast cancer surgeon.

From Dr. Ramezani’s dentistry background, traditional mouthwashes and oral sprays that help calm the symptoms of gum disease normally contain the ingredient, chlorhexidine. While this ingredient’s purpose is to help disinfect the mouth and prevent bacteria growth, it doesn’t have a pleasant taste. And you definitely don’t want to accidentally swallow this toxic ingredient.

On top of this, chlorhexidine can actually stain your teeth and tongues. To us at Dr. Brite, we believe that people shouldn’t have to go through more discomfort to help calm their discomfort.

And this is exactly why Dr. Ramezani and Dr. Sabo created the Soothe & Restore Oral Spray. Our easy-to-use oral spray with powerful and natural ingredients acts fast to help alleviate your gum pain while leaving behind a yummy taste. And if you accidentally swallow our formula, you’ll be perfectly fine. You won’t have to take a trip to the ER unexpectedly.

By now, your interest in Dr. Brite’s Soothe & Restore might be growing, but how do you use this spray? All you need is a few spritzes and a few seconds to start your journey to a pain-free mouth. We’ll show you exactly how.

How to Effectively Use Dr. Brite’s Soothe & Restore Oral Spray

Digital Ambassador for Dr. Brite, Carolyn Bianco, shows how quick and easy it is to use Dr. Brite’s Soothe & Restore Oral Spray.

  • Simply, pretend your mouth is a divided into fours; two halves make up your upper set of teeth and two halves make up your lower set of teeth.
  • Pump 3-5 sprays along the gumline for each of the four sections.
  • Swish around any excess spray in your mouth for about 30 seconds.
  • Expel the excess spray in your sink.
  • Don't eat or drink for 30 minutes and you can go about your day!

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