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Things Vegans Must Know for a Healthy Mouth

There are many benefits of living a vegan lifestyle – but it’s important to pay extra attention to your teeth! After changing their diet and eating habits vegans may notice a decline in dental health, but why? Modifying your diet alters the pH balance of your entire body (including your mouth), and for newer vegans it’s common to experience higher instances of enamel erosion. 

If you already experience tooth decay, you may want to consider using products with xylitol, a sweetener extracted from woody fibrous plant material. It's been proven to treat cavities and prevent bacteria from sticking to your teeth, so make sure it's an active ingredient in your toothpaste. 

Balanced nutrition is imperative for oral care, especially for vegans. Eating an unbalanced vegan diet for a prolonged period may increase your chances of developing gum disease due to a lack of vitamin D and calcium. Try incorporating almond milk into your diet as it contains more calcium than dairy milk. 

Vegans commonly snack a lot throughout the day, but this doesn't give salivary glands, teeth and jaw the rest they need! Be mindful about taking enough time between snacks and meals to regroup. Also it's best to rinse and floss after nibbling to get rid of any food particles. 

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