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Take Care of Your Teeth While Traveling

If you’re leaving for a late-summer vacation or weekend getaway, make sure you are keeping your teeth and gums healthy while away. Here are a few suggestions to keep your mouth clean when traveling. 

  1. Pack an extra toothbrush. Keep a toothbrush in your checked luggage and in your backpack or handbag so that you’re never without one. This is especially helpful incase you lose one.

  2. Brush and floss when you can. 
    Brush your teeth when you're at a pitstop, or floss while riding as a passenger. A good rule to follow? Brush every time you wash your hands. 

  3. Use safe water. 
    If you’re visiting a destination with tap water that isn't safe to drink, don’t use it to brush your teeth. Use bottled water instead.

  4. Air it out and keep it dry. 
    Leave your toothbrush out in order for it dry out properly. Reducingmoisture will make sure it doesn’t become a breeding ground for bacteria.

  5. Practice smart snacking. 
    We know it's hard but try and keep sugary snacks to a minimum - especially when you can't stop and brush right after consumption.

  6. End the day with a cleaning. 
    No matter how far or often you travel, always end the day with a thorough cleaning. Brush your teeth for two minutes, floss and rinse with mouthwash for best results.

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