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Skin Absorbs 60% of Topical Products

Skin health is important because it plays a large part in your overall health and wellbeing. Did you know that 60 percent of what you topically use on your face and body everyday is absorbed into your bloodstream through the skin? Some even suggest that slathering harmful ingredients on your skin may actually be worse for you than eating them.

When you consume something, the enzymes in your stomach help break it down and flush it out of the body. But when you put products on your skin, they are absorbed straight into your bloodstream without any kind of filtering, working their way to your defenseless organs. 

Eliminate your exposure to toxic chemicals, preservatives and artificial fragrances that are destructive to our bodies by selecting natural, organic skin care products. Try the new Dr. Brite Organic Clean facial cleanser. It's made with ingredients like Ginkgo Biloba, coconut oil and aloe vera to help brighten and hydrate your skin, revealing a fresh glow.  Check out our Organic Clean, facial cleanser today »