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Have You Seen the New Dr. Brite Products?

We’re adding a splash of color to your bathroom countertops with new, vibrant oral care designs along with fresh and tasty flavors!

Team Dr. Brite is excited to be starting this new journey with a new look with the same commitment to providing affordable and truly safe oral care made with pure natural ingredients that taste great.

Explore the latest from Dr. Brite in this article that includes:
  • Colorful and new, yummy flavors of toothpaste and mouthwash
  • Our redesigned teeth whitening pens
  • Our commitment to offering affordable, delicious and effective oral care

Colorful and New, Yummy Flavors of Toothpaste and Mouthwash

Dr. Brite co-founder, breast cancer surgeon, and mom, Dr. Paris Sabo, MD, says,

“The inspiration to have fresh, modern packaging is because we are rolling out our products to soon be in retail stores near you. We wanted our designs to stand out from our competition when sitting on the shelves and we worked with a designer to help bring our vision to life. As always, we are committed to reduce waste therefore we never have an outside box for our toothpastes and the whole tube is 100% recyclable (cap included).”

And along with new packaging, you’ll notice tasty flavors of toothpaste and mouthwash that everyone can enjoy!

Here’s the low-down about our new flavors that we’re adding along with our classic Mint flavor:

  • Berrylicious offers a refreshing and fruity fresh taste with the help of organic strawberries and raspberries that smiles both big and little will love. Formulated with a gentle vitamin C-infusion, healthy gums are promoted along with fresh breath and clean teeth.
  • Coco Chai transports you to a world of zen with warm, comforting notes of coconut, vanilla, cinnamon, and cardamom that is inspired by ancient practices of oil pulling. Only, you won’t have to endure the time and mess oil pulling can entail.
  • Mint Chip will make your taste buds dance with antioxidant, organic cacao that adds a chocolatey yumminess when paired with the freshness of mint. Antioxidants are great at combating daily pollutants that could otherwise harm the body.
If you’re a fan of our original Mint toothpaste and mouthwash, don’t worry. This best-seller staple is still available for a classic, exhilarating freshness.

Along with our colorful designs, we’ve also changed the name of our teeth whitening pens.

Introducing: The Get Brite & Stay Brite Teeth Whitening Pens!

The Get Brite Pen can help you achieve fast-acting teeth whitening results with a unique blend of food-grade hydrogen peroxide and coconut oil. You can teeth 2 shades brighter in about 2 days!

The Stay Brite Pen is a fantastic peroxide-free teeth whitening pen that helps gently lift deep set stains with a proprietary fusion of coconut oil, baking soda, and activated charcoal. This is pen is also great for maintaining the appearance of a brite smile while desensitizing teeth.

Curious about teeth whitening with natural ingredients? Learn how often you should really whiten your teeth in a related #BeNatural blog article here.

Our Commitment to Offering Affordable, Delicious and Effective Oral Care with Natural and Organic Ingredients

With our new designs and new flavors, we still keep true to our commitment to you. We are still determined to keep our product formulations as clean as possible while still offering effectiveness and flavors your palette will love. In fact, we’re including more natural goodness into every Dr. Brite product with new plant-based ingredients.

We are constantly motivated to make our products more accessible to you by lowering our prices and by getting on the shelves of stores as the year continues.

From Team Dr. Brite, we’re excited and incredibly thankful for your support that allows us to undergo such a monumental change to improve.

Go ahead and explore the rest of our playful designs and check out our ingredients list! What flavors will you choose?  

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