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Natural Toothpaste for a Healthier Mouth

Natural Toothpaste for a Healthier Mouth
Natural Toothpaste for a Healthier Mouth

Surprising Benefits of Natural Toothpaste

Natural toothpastes are not designed to function like soap for your teeth, unlike commercial toothpastes. Instead, their botanical ingredients polish your pearly whites without exposing your smile to toxic chemicals. If you haven’t tried natural toothpaste before, here are some positive differences you’ll notice during your first use.

SLS-Free Toothpaste Formula

There’s a big misconception that if your toothpaste doesn’t foam, it’s not properly cleaning your teeth – but that’s simply not true! Natural toothpastes formulated without SLS, a skin-irritating surfactant that’s responsible for that familiar foaming action, will not bubble like traditional toothpastes. Alternatively, natural ingredients like coconut oil and activated charcoal are added to gently and effectively clean your mouth, freshen your breath and whiten your teeth.

Naturally Flavored Toothpaste 

Different from commercial toothpastes, natural formulas are infused with flavors derived from organic sources like strawberries or mint leaves. And rather than using artificial sugars or sweeteners, Stevia is often mixed in to counteract the bitterness of the other natural ingredients. Because of this, the taste of the toothpaste is much milder and not as sweet – but it’s much better for your oral and overall health!

Toothpaste Without Titanium Dioxide

Titanium dioxide, an inorganic compound, gives toothpaste that bright white color so many of us look for. But this aesthetically pleasing ingredient can have toxic effects on the body, which is why natural toothpaste developers often forgo this ingredient. So don't worry about the off-white or grayish color of your toothpaste, just think about all the naturally safe ingredients that are working together to keep your mouth happy and healthy. 

Fluoride-Free Natural Toothpaste 

Some commercial toothpastes, especially whitening formulas, often contain abrasive ingredients that may be too harsh for people with sensitive teeth. For example, fluoride can harm tooth enamel which can cause dental fluorosis and lead to increased tooth pain. When you switch to a natural, fluoride-free toothpaste you may notice less sensitivity and a decrease in gum irritation as well.