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Calling All Moms! Healthy Smiles for Kids

Listen up, moms. Let’s talk about children’s oral health.

Maybe you’re starting to or you’re currently reading more food ingredient labels so that you can give your family healthier options.

But have you looked at the labels of your family’s personal care products? Specifically, your kids’ toothpaste and mouthwash?

Healthier toothpastes and mouthwashes with natural ingredients for little smiles do exist like the Healthy Kid Set by Dr. Brite, which includes a Kids Strawberry Sky Toothpaste and a Strawberry Sky Mouthwash Spray.

Formulated with truly toxin-free, safe-to-swallow ingredients like organic coconut oil and organic strawberry extract that taste great, the Healthy Kid Set makes healthy smiles possible. You can rest assured that sending your child to the bathroom to go brush their teeth won’t lead to a phone call with Poison Control for ingesting nasty, and potentially dangerous ingredients.

You’re already a superhero in the eyes of your family. You can be a SUPER superhero when you give them a toothpaste and mouthwash made with pure, natural ingredients that were specifically chosen to help prevent cavities and boost gum health.

In this blog article, you’ll learn a few oral care tips for kids that includes:

  • The nontoxic, safe-to-swallow, and natural ingredients that should be in a toothpaste
  • Which potentially harmful toxins you should avoid in children’s oral care
  • What moms are saying about Dr. Brite

The Nontoxic, Safe-to-Swallow, and Natural Ingredients That Should Be in a Toothpaste and Mouthwash

Not all natural toothpaste is created equal. Before we discuss what you should avoid, let’s go over what ingredients you should make sure are included in a kid’s toothpaste and mouthwash.

The list below details the holistic, toxin-free free ingredients we include in our Healthy Kid Toothpaste and Mouthwash Spray Set:

  • Organic Coconut Oil can prevent cavities and naturally keep teeth looking sparkly white.
  • Organic Aloe Vera Juice helps hydrate and reduces dry mouth symptoms.
  • Organic Green Tea Extract slows down the activity of harmful bacteria linked to tooth decay.
  • Organic Neem Oil helps prevent cavities and bad breath by preventing bacteria from forming on teeth.
  • Organic Strawberry Extract provides a fresh, fruity taste kids (and adults) love!
  • Vitamin C helps promote gum health and helps speed the healing time of inflamed gums.

You can have a piece of mind knowing that if your child accidentally swallows their Strawberry Sky Toothpaste or Mouthwash Spray you won’t have to take a trip to the hospital.

Which Potentially Harmful Toxins You Should Avoid in Children’s Oral Care

Knowing what ingredients should be in children’s oral care is fantastic knowledge to have in your back pocket, but also knowing what toxins you should avoid is equally helpful. From traditional oral care products to even some natural options out there, here are the potentially harmful chemicals you and your little ones should avoid and why:

  • Fluoride is known to cause buildup in the body and this can lead to some serious and scary side effects. We have an article that is an in-depth review of common toothpaste ingredient.
  • SLS or sodium lauryl sulfate makes toothpaste foamy and it’s what makes a mess in your bathroom. On top of this, SLS can irritate the sensitive tissues in the mouth.
  • Titanium Dioxide gives toothpaste a classic bright, white color, and with repeated exposure, it can cause toxic reactions in the brain and nervous system.
  • Carrageenan is actually a natural ingredient derived from red seaweed to help thicken toothpaste, but it can cause inflammation, digestive issues, and even skin rashes.

It’s safe to say that these ingredients sound pretty scary. The plain truth is that the U.S. has incredibly relaxed regulations on personal care products so companies can get away with including these potentially toxic ingredients. That’s why we’re stepping up to provide affordable, safe oral care products for families.

What Moms Are Saying About Dr. Brite

Co-Founder Pooneh Ramezani and her daughterOkay, so we gave you a list of ingredients that should be in kids’ oral care and we also gave you a list of ingredients you should avoid. If you’re not sold on the Healthy Kid Set just yet, let’s hear from moms who have given their kids the Healthy Kid Set:

Jackie P., a blogger, recently wrote a review on her website about the Healthy Kid Set and says,

“I also got the Dr Brite Mineral Toothpaste for Kids (Healthy Kids Set) and I love that mouthwash is an actual spray. I can’t get a 2 year old to gargle, so this was great!”

Dr. Connie D., a chiropractic physician says,

“I prefer for the kids to brush their teeth in front of me in the mornings so I know they’ve actually done!...The next time you are in the market, you may notice some different brands of products. In my research & product comparison, I chose those brands scoring squeaky clean on the Environmental Working Group’s website! It’s a great guide for protecting our health and environment!

Danielle C. says that her son the Straw Sky flavor and that,

“getting to brush his teeth is EASY-PEAZY (he wants to after every meal!).”

Ali J. says,

“My kids love this mouthwash!! It is perfect for children, they love the flavor and want to use it all day! It is so easy for them to use, the spray idea is genius and fun, I love that it is has only healthy ingredients so it's okay if they swallow some!! This product makes my kids want to brush their teeth!! Love It!”


Let’s get healthy now!

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