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Skeptical About Natural Toothpaste? Read This!

Going natural whether it’s eating healthier, changing a lifestyle habit, or switching out your personal products can sound intimidating. Maybe you’ve already made most of these switches in your life and you’re on the hunt for a new, nontoxic product to add into your collection.

Our team at Dr. Brite is here to help build your confidence in the world of eco-friendly products. Not only are Dr. Brite oral care products truly safe and filled with natural ingredients, they are created by our sister-doctor co-founders who have extensive medical knowledge to back the plant-based ingredients used in our formulas.

Still hesitant to try us out? In this article, we hope to gain your trust as we cover:

  • What’s wrong with conventional oral care products
  • Why products with natural ingredients, like Dr. Brite, are really better
  • What others are saying about Dr. Brite

The Harsh Reality of Traditional Oral Care Products

Maybe you’re new to the world of natural products. We understand. We’ve all been there. We were raised to instinctively trust big-brand names we often see in grocery stores without a shadow of a doubt.

Imagine walking through the toothpaste aisle in a grocery store. You’ll probably see rows and rows of colorful toothpaste boxes and mouthwashes in various jewel-toned colors. But have you ever thought to look at the back of a product and question why there’s a warning label and a phone number for Poison Control?

That’s because traditional oral care products aren’t made with the best ingredients for your health. These products are often filled with drying ingredients like alcohol and sodium lauryl sulfates (SLS) along with triclosan, an antibacterial chemical that’s banned in hand soaps, artificial sweeteners like sorbitol, artificial colors, and a once trusted, but now controversial ingredient, fluoride.

Dr. Brite: A More Natural Alternative With the Same Benefits

A question you may have, and it’s quite a common question we receive, is will I get cavities if I use a natural toothpaste without fluoride?

The simple answer is no, if you brush your teeth correctly. The truth is that the mechanical action of removing cavity-causing plaque with a toothbrush is far more important in preventing cavities than having fluoride as an ingredient.

And this is where Dr. Brite stands out. All of Dr. Brite’s products are formulated without fluoride, triclosan, SLS, sorbitol, artificial colors or artificial sweeteners. Every product is also vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free, paraben-free, is made in the USA, and contains non-GMO ingredients.

Not many natural oral care products can say the same thing as us. In fact, popular “natural” oral care brands actually contain ingredients like fluoride and SLS.

Instead, Dr. Brite products contain holistic and plant-based ingredients that will soothe and nourish your mouth rather than leaving you with a parched and harsh feeling in your mouth.

Here’s just a few of the ingredients we include in Dr. Brite products:

  • Organic coconut oil - has antibacterial properties, gently whitens teeth, and hydrates the mouth.
  • Organic aloe vera - has antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties, while also nourishing the mouth
  • Vitamin C - an antioxidant that can help promote gum health
  • Activated charcoal - gently whitens teeth and can detox the mouth
  • Organic neem oil - has antibacterial properties, can help prevent plaque, and freshens breath
  • Organic spearmint oil - freshens breath and can help prevent plaque

Hear What People Are Saying About Dr. Brite

Our team at Dr. Brite can’t help but be the biggest fans of our products and of course this may not immediately sway you to try Dr. Brite. That’s why we’ve gotten real reviews from real people who truly enjoy Dr. Brite. First up, hear why Fern Olivia, a holistic health expert and influencer, loves our products:

Next up, we have Paideia Le, a clinical pharmacist from Quinn’s Apothecary Pharmacy in Huntington Beach, California, who actually recommends Dr. Brite to her patients:

If you’re still on the fence by this point, this is absolutely okay. Feel free to poke our brain with any questions or concerns you have about our products by emailing at We’re known to reply back the same day so that you can about your day!