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How You Can Help Keep Our Water Clean

Happy Earth Day! 

Taking care of the earth may seem like a monumental task, but don't get overwhelmed. Making small changes to your daily routine can certainly make a difference. 

When personal care products, like toothpaste, get washed down the drain they go straight into the water we drink and bathe in. And if those products are packed with toxic chemicals, they can destroy entire ecosystems causing harm to humans, plants, and animals alike.

Triclosan Found in Freshwater

Remember triclosan? It’s the antibacterial ingredient that was banned last year in soaps (but not in toothpaste). Well, a recent geological survey discovered that triclosan was found in nearly 58% of freshwater streams.

This is pretty scary considering more 117 million people in the U.S. rely on small, freshwater streams for drinking water. Not to mention all of the wildlife and crops that use these streams as their water supply as well.

Studies have also shown that when triclosan breaks down, it can turn into other compounds that may even be more harmful and produces extra effective hormone disruptors. Yikes!

Toothpaste with Natural and Organic Ingredients

Triclosan is just one of the many toxic toothpaste ingredients including SLS and parabens that get through water treatment plants and into our freshwater rivers and lakes along with the treated wastewater.

By using personal care products with organic and natural ingredients you can help keep our water supply free from toxic chemicals. So celebrate Earth Day by making the switch to our toothpaste and mouthwash!