The Ultimate Teeth Whitening Experience

Plus a 5th bonus remedy for good measure

"I don't want whiter teeth," said no one ever. 

Dr. Brite dental care products are created to naturally whiten your teeth using organic ingredients like bamboo-derived activated charcoal, coconut oil and food-grade hydrogen peroxide. Here we're sharing our tips to achieve a brighter, healthier smile in just two days!

  1. Brush your teeth with Dr. Brite whitening toothpaste. It doesn't include any of these harmful ingredients and will leave your teeth feeling nice and clean.
  2. Rinse your mouth with our gentle, yet effective Dr. Brite cleansing mouthwash. The hydrating, alcohol-free formula helps remove plaque-causing bacteria and keeps your breath fresh.
  3. Use the Dr. Brite antioxidant-infused teeth whitening pen 3 times a day. It seems like a lot but the pens are super portable and the application process is quick and easy. Here's a how-to video with instructions for best results. 
  4. Once or twice a day apply the Dr. Brite peroxide-free teeth whitening pen for additional upkeep. If you have sensitive teeth, we recommend using this formula only. 

To maximize your dental care routine for whiter teeth, floss and brush at least twice a day using these proper techniques. Rinse after meals, make healthy lifestyle choices and visit your dentist regularly for checkups and professional cleanings.

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