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How to Get a Holiday Picture-Perfect Smile

Is your smile ready for the holidays? Before you start freaking out that it’s already December, the Dr. Brite team is here to help!

Your smile can be photo ready for family greeting cards, office parties or holiday get-togethers in just 2 minutes. In this blog article, we’ll talk about how our Teeth Whitening Pens can quickly whiten your teeth.

Here’s what we’ll cover in today’s article:

  • The benefits of Natural Teeth Whitening Pens
  • How to use whitening pens effectively
  • A special holiday deal just for you

The Benefits of Gentle, Non-toxic and Natural Teeth Whitening Pens

Not all teeth whitening products are created equal. Many mainstream and conventional teeth whitening options are filed with harsh, artificial ingredients that can cause sensitive teeth.

Our team at Dr. Brite wanted to change people’s minds and it’s exactly we created Teeth Whitening Pens that are infused with safe, gentle, natural ingredients. Not only are you getting a dazzling, white smile, you’re also getting a healthier mouth. Here’s how our ingredients work:

  • Food-grade, hydrogen peroxide: We use a small amount that helps whiten teeth quickly in our Teeth Whitening Pens with Peroxide.
  • Organic coconut oil: Has natural whitening properties and antibacterial properties. You’ll find organic coconut oil in both of our Teeth Whitening Pens with Peroxide and our Peroxide-Free Teeth Whitening Pens
  • Baking soda: Also helps to whiten teeth in our Peroxide-Free Teeth Whitening Pens. But don’t worry, our whitening gel formulas do not have a gritty feel.
  • Vitamin C: Found in both of our pens, this antioxidant helps promote gum health so that your pearly whites look even more radiant and healthy.

Now that you’ve learned a bit about our ingredients, let’s move onto how to use our whitening pens.

How to Use Whitening Pens Effectively for a Dazzling, Whiter Smile

We recommend using our teeth whitening pens 7-10 days before your holiday event and then on the day-of so that your smile looks even whiter.

We also suggest you use our teeth whitening pens as a system to quickly erase stains and maintain a brite smile. Here’s how our Teeth Whitening Pens work best:

  • First, start with our Peroxide-Free pen in the morning after you’ve had breakfast and you’ve brush your teeth. Our Peroxide-Free pen does gently whiten, but more importantly it helps desensitize teeth and it helps lift stains so that they’re easier to erase.
  • Then about midday or at lunch time, use our Teeth Whitening Pen with Peroxide that works fast to erase stains.
  • Finally, use our Peroxide-Free pen one more time before you go to bed to ensure that stains from the colorful foods and drinks you love don’t settle onto your teeth. This method can help quickly whiten your teeth while protecting and preventing any stains from forming on your smile.

You can actually use each of our teeth whitening pens up to 2-3 times per day and each pen will give you 20-30 applications. To read more about how to use our pens, check out the instructions under “For Best Results” on our Teeth Whitening Pen product pages. And before you go...

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