Essential Oils for Youthful Looking Skin

Plus a 5th bonus remedy for good measure

Essential oils used to be associated with scented candles and lavish spa treatments. But not anymore. Today, their benefits go beyond stimulating your senses. Essential oils, or plant extracts, are used in everyday personal care products to effectively treat a wide range of issues like hyper-pigmentation and acne. Here are three powerful essential oils you can find in our new Organic Clean facial cleanser that work together to naturally combat your biggest skin concerns. 

Lavender Oil

This relaxing scent not only helps your mind and body adapt to stress, it also has many great benefits to improve your complexion. Lavender can soothe all skin types and helps reduce visible signs of aging.

  • skin calming capabilities  
  • may heal wounds and burns 
  • aids skin cell rejuvenation

Lemon Oil

This refreshingly clean fragrance does more than add a bit of zest to our facial cleanser. Rich in vitamin C, lemon has long been used for it's antibacterial qualities. 

  • natural, gentle astringent 
  • tones and firms the skin
  • clarifies your complexion 

Grapefruit Oil 

This popular citrus essential oil is finding it’s way into more skin care products and for good reasons. The energizing grapefruit has been known for it's healing properties.

  • helps detoxify the skin 
  • fights blemish-causing bacteria
  • can boost circulation 

If you've been wanting to try our Organic Clean facial cleanser, it does come in a smaller 1 oz. size. You can also find it in our new Shine Brite Bundle

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