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Coconut Oil Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

What is oil pulling?

You may already be familiar with the term “oil pulling,” due to its rising popularity among the health conscious crowd of bloggers and social media personalities. But what exactly is oil pulling and what are the benefits? We’re glad you asked. Oil pulling may be new to some, but it’s actually an Ayurvedic oral therapy that's been around for centuries.

The practice involves swishing a tablespoon of coconut oil in your mouth for 10-20 minutes each day to draw or ‘pull’ out the toxins in your oral cavity. But a regular oil pulling routine should not replace traditional at-home oral care or routine dental visits, and here’s why.

Even though there is no harm in oil pulling, there's a lack of evidence that it actually improves oral health. Instead, we suggest using a toothpaste formulated with organic coconut oil and other natural ingredients known to freshen breath, prevent cavities and reduce plaque buildup like our mineral whitening toothpaste.  

Try Toothpaste With Coconut Oil Instead

Dr. Brite Toothpaste with Coconut Oil

Each ingredient in the Dr. Brite toothpaste, including Coconut Oil, serves a purpose, unlike toothpaste substitutes that may not include all the necessary components to effectively clean your teeth, remove stains and neutralize bacteria. Here are some of the other oral health benefits of using toothpaste with coconut oil:

  • Whitens teeth
  • Helps reduce tooth decay
  • May soothe irritated gums
  • Can repair chapped lips 
  • Moisturizes the mouth 

If you wish to try oil pulling, please do not discontinue your daily dental care routine. Brush and floss your teeth twice a day (for two minutes each time), and follow up with an alcohol-free cleansing mouthwash. You might want to try our Cleansing Mouth Rinse. It's also made with coconut oil so you can swish and receive all the benefits this powerful ingredient has to offer! 

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