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Back to School: Packing a Healthy Vegan Lunch

Back to School: Packing a Healthy Vegan Lunch
Back to School: Packing a Healthy Vegan Lunch

Making sure your children eat a well-balanced diet is a challenge for any parent. This school year, pack their lunches with these vegan foods and help your kids with a consistent oral care routine to ensure the best dental hygiene and overall health.

  • Fresh fruits like apples, peaches and nectarines are great for lunches. The chewing action makes saliva flow in the mouth and helps reduce cavities. Pears are especially good because they neutralize acid on teeth surfaces. Adding almond butter is an excellent way to include much-needed calcium and protein into your children's diets. 

  • Vegetables like crunchy carrots are rich with fiber and provide a reliable source of vitamin A, which maintains the keratin protein that promotes formation of tooth enamel. Also, pack some celery for your little ones to chomp on. The strings act as a natural toothbrush by scraping food particles and bacteria away from teeth and gums. You can substitute dips like ranch dressing with colorful hummus for a healthier option.

  • Nuts are an awesome snack for your children's teeth. They are full of fiber, folic acid and other vitamins. Peanuts are high in vitamin D, cashews stimulate saliva and help clean teeth and walnuts contain iron, niacin, vitamin E, vitamin B6, potassium and zinc! Combine these nuts together with some seeds and/or dried fruit to make a tasty trail mix.

  • These delicious energy bars, are chock-full of healthy ingredients like pumpkin seeds that are high in magnesium, which works with calcium to create a hard enamel that resists tooth decayBONUS: This recipe is also gluten-free, nut-free and dairy-free. Perfect for kids with allergies!

  • Sweet potato fries are a yummy alternative to chips or traditional french fries. These potatoes are also loaded with vitamin A and vitamin C, which is necessary for healthy gums because it can inhibit the formation of plaque in your child's mouth. Bake the sweet potato fries in the oven and sprinkle with a little sea salt.

  • Water is the preferred beverage or you can pack almond milk, which actually has more calcium than dairy milk. If you give your kids an occasional fruit juice, make sure to put in some ice or water to dilute it. Juices on their own are too sweet and can cause cavities if not rinsed properly.  

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